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Segami's Journal
Segami's Journal
June 29, 2016

Civil LAWSUIT Filed Today Against DWS & DNC Has Guccifer2 All Over Documents

#BernieOr @BernieOrBustLA

Civil Lawsuit filed today against @DWStweets & DNC and it has #Guccifer2 all over the documents. #CreatorsAskHRC


June 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders ENDORSED Candidate Zephyr Teachout Is Projected Winner NY19 Prim

People For Bernie @People4Bernie

BREAKING: @BernieSanders endorsed candidate @ZephyrTeachout is the projected winner of the #NY19 primary!

June 28, 2016

Live Stream Thurs. June 30th 2016 - California Primary: A DISTURBING Story

UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary

In an extensive mini-documentary by Michelle Boley and Taylor Gill and produced by TYT and Rogue Kite Productions, we tell you the true story of what happened leading up too and after the California Democratic Primary. To check and see if your ballot was counted, go to: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballo...

A film by Michelle Boley and Taylor Gill

Live Stream Thurs. June 30th 2016 - California Primary: A DISTURBING Story

Featuring Bill Simpich, Ida Martinac, John Paul Rice and Lori Grace

The California Primary was very poorly managed. We will show "UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary," an extensive mini-documentary by Michelle Boley and Taylor Gill, made in the last two weeks. If you choose to watch it, you may feel very disturbed. We invite you to come to this evening, with updates on the California primary and recently filed lawsuits.

Bill Simpich and Ida Martinac, two attorneys-at-law, will be present to answer questions about the lawsuits that have been created to address some of the many injustices that have occurred in California. Bill Simpich will have just returned from filing a lawsuit in San Diego to follow up on another election integrity lawsuit that has already been filed by Ray Kurtz. Bill has also filed another lawsuit against Secretary of State Alex Padilla, which he will also talk about.

Problems in the California primary election range from poor and disrespectful training of poll workers and poll inspectors, to voter suppression and electronic manipulation.

John Paul Rice from Los Angeles will make a brief statement on SKYPE about the electronic manipulation that happened in California on that night as well as in New Jersey and Delaware.

Lori Grace will be present to report on the recent filing of an Ohio election integrity lawsuit by Cliff Arnebeck and Robert Fitrakis.

Uncounted: The True Story of the California Primary

All-in-all, this will be a powerful and intense presentation.
We invite you to come to this free evening.
June 28, 2016

LUTZ vs RU Lawsuit Tutorial

Ray Lutz and Citizens Oversight filed a lawsuit against San Diego County Registrar of Voters, Michael Vu. This video explains this lawsuit and its implications for the results of this and future elections in California.

Details here: http://www.copswiki.org/Common/M1661

Hearing time and place:
July 6, 2016 1:30 pm
San Diego Superior Ct.
220 W. Broadway, Dept C73
(West annex, 4th floor)
June 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders Calls for Democratic Party to OPPOSE Trade Deal


Sanders Calls for Democratic Party to Oppose Trade Deal

JUNE 27, 2016

BURLINGTON, Vt. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday urged Democratic Party platform writers to take a stand against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed 12-nation trade pact that he said would have “disastrous” consequences for U.S. workers and the environment.

“The Democratic Party must go on record in opposition to holding a vote on the trade deal during the lame duck session of Congress and beyond,” Sanders said. “This is about preventing the outsourcing of jobs, protecting the environment, stopping pharmaceutical companies from increasing the price of prescription drugs, preserving our democracy and respecting human rights.”

At a platform drafting meeting last weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, Hillary Clinton’s representatives voted against a proposal to put the party on record against a vote in Congress on the trade deal. On the presidential campaign trail, however, both Clinton and Sanders opposed the agreement.

Sanders’ supporters plan to bring the trade deal up again when the full Platform Committee meets in Orlando, Florida, in early July and, if necessary, at the full convention later next month in Philadelphia.

“During the next days and weeks we will reach out to a large grassroots movement of working people, environmentalists, human rights advocates and religious groups to support an amendment to the platform in strong opposition to the TPP,” Sanders said. “If we succeed, we will be in a very strong position to stop a vote and to fundamentally rewrite our trade agreements in order to end the race to the bottom and to lift up the living standards of people in this country and throughout the world,” Sanders said

Every major trade union in the United States opposes the agreement that would make it easier for corporations to throw Americans out on the street and move factories to low-wage countries like Vietnam where the minimum wage is just 65 cents an hour.

Environmental groups oppose the pact because it would make it easier for some of the biggest polluters in the world to despoil the planet. Major religious groups say the deal would reward some of the biggest human rights violators in the world. Doctors Without Borders is strongly opposed because the agreement would raise prescription drug prices by making lower-cost generic drugs harder to buy.

The agreement also would give multi-national corporations the ability to challenge our nation’s labor and environmental laws if these laws would reduce expected future profits.


June 27, 2016

Lori Grace: TrustVote.org Lawsuit UPDATE

Lori Grace of TrustVote.org gives a two-minute update on the lawsuits, as well as information about an event and live stream next week that you won't want to miss.
June 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders MOUNTS Democratic Convention Platform Fight

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday redoubled his efforts to ensure that despite his loss to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the legacy of his progressive campaign will endure in the party’s official platform. Sanders, who has yet to drop out of the race and formally endorse Clinton, told CNN that his campaign made “very, very important victories” in inserting aspects of its policy agenda into the first draft of the platform. But he is determined to make a bigger mark. “We have made some good gains,” he said. “We have more to do.” Over the weekend, members of the Democratic Party’s platform committee met in St. Louis to lay out the groundwork for the official policy agenda that party members will adopt at next month’s convention in Philadelphia. Making the cut were several of Sanders’ proposals, including a $15 minimum wage, the expansion of Social Security and stricter sanctions for Wall Street fraud, according to The Associated Press. 

But the Vermont senator fell short in getting the broader hallmarks of his campaign into the draft — policies such as building a single-payer health care system, rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership and taking a stronger stance on climate change by taxing carbon emissions and banning fracking. Since Clinton sealed up the nomination in early June, Sanders’ chief objective has been advocating for the inclusion of his progressive policy agenda in the platform. In May, Democratic officials allowed him to name five of the platform committee’s 15 members, with Clinton getting six and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz getting four. It was a concession to Sanders’ campaign, since typically, the DNC chair appoints all of the members.  Sanders said on Sunday that he is determined to press on and reiterated his vow to take his campaign to the convention.

“We lost some very important fights. We’re going to take that fight to Orlando, where the entire committee meets in two weeks,” he said. “And if we don’t succeed there, then we’ll certainly take it to the floor of the Democratic convention.”

On Friday, Sanders affirmed that he will vote for Clinton in November and will work to make sure she defeats presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. But he is not yet prepared to endorse her until she adopts more of his progressive policy positions.

“I hope very much that Secretary Clinton understands that not only is it good public policy, it’s the right thing to do,” he said on Sunday. “It is good politics to begin to move in that direction.”

June 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders Statement on Democratic PARTY PLATFORM


Sanders Statement on Democratic Party Platform

JUNE 26, 2016

BURLINGTON, Vt. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement on Sunday on a Democratic Party platform draft:

“The lesson of Brexit is that while the very rich get much richer, working people throughout the world are not seeing the global economy and an explosion of technology benefiting their lives. In fact, in the United States the middle class has been in decline for 35 years while there has been a huge increase in income and wealth inequality. Unfettered free trade has made multi-national corporations more profitable and their CEOs richer, but it also has led to the loss of millions of good-paying jobs in this country and a race to the bottom.

“The challenge for us today is to take on the greed and power of Wall Street and corporate America, and create a government and an economy that works for all of us and not just the 1 percent. In our anger and frustration, we must not succumb to the bigotry and divisiveness of Donald Trump and others like him.

“This is precisely what the struggle over the Democratic Party platform is about. We need to create a Democratic Party which fights for working families and not wealthy campaign contributors.

“I am glad that we have won some very important provisions in the platform drafting process so far, but much more needs to be done.

“There is very good language in the platform that calls for breaking up the largest Wall Street financial institutions and a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act. I am glad that the platform drafting committee is on record to expand Social Security, to create millions of jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and to end the outrageous tax loopholes that enable the very rich and large profitable corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

“Unfortunately, however, the platform drafting committee voted down some very important provisions. Despite Secretary Clinton’s opposition, as a candidate for president, to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, her supporters in St. Louis voted down a proposal to keep the trade deal from coming up for a vote in Congress. The Clinton delegates also voted down definitive language to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Despite the growing crisis of climate change, they voted against a tax on carbon, against a ban on fracking and against against a requirement for 100 percent clean energy by 2050.”

“The platform drafted in St. Louis is a very good start, but there is no question that much more work remains to be done by the full Platform Committee when it meets in Orlando on July 8 and 9. We intend to do everything we can to rally support for our amendments in Orlando and if we fail there to take the fight to the floor of the convention in Philadelphia. It is imperative that this platform be not only the most progressive in the history of the Democratic Party, but includes a set of policies that will be fought for and implemented by Democratic elected officials.”

Sanders also discussed the platform during an appearance Sunday on “State of the Union” on CNN.

To watch, click here.


June 26, 2016

1990 Bernie NAILED What's Wrong & Shows Why HE'S RIGHT To Fight

Bernie Sanders in 1990 on C-SPAN spoke about what's wrong with the American political system using much of the same language he uses today. The problems he identified then have only gotten worse and are why he's right to keep fighting for the progressive revolution.

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