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Waiting For Everyman

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Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jun 23, 2008, 12:17 PM
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My namesake... http://youtu.be/GgXzWhexJh0 ... If I were asked to recommend only one political / history book it would be this one... http://www.amazon.com/Treason-America-Anton-Chaitkin/dp/0943235006 ... Treason in America: from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman, by Anton Chaitkin. I do NOT endorse all of the views by Chaitkin external to this book, nor all of his actions, nor all of his associations, but I DO highly recommend this book. It is one every US citizen and everyone interested in its history should read. It it well written, meticulously sourced, and it is eye-opening -- even for those who consider themselves already knowledgeable. If you have not read it before, you need to read it, it is need-to-know information, and what it has to say is not going to be found in many places, if anywhere, else. That is my tip for whoever is passing by.

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We have lots of know-it-alls today

who don't know much of anything. They seem to think that all of reality shrinks to match the size of their awareness.

JFK's greatness was evident to all who lived then. Even his enemies hated him because he was formidable against them. That would make it unanimous.

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sun Nov 22, 2015, 03:16 PM (2 replies)

It's the same group that keeps trying to throw its weight around.

It's the same ever since DU3 started (before that I didn't notice).

Same bunch with the flame bait outrages every time, it just changes from misogyny to privilege to Hillary-is-great. The "outfit change" doesn't really make any difference. It's always about controlling what other people say and do and think. That's what they think politics is.

Some people won't go along with that. Wonder why. The flamers try to get all those people kicked off, as much as possible. Of course it mostly isn't posssible, and so they stay outraged, mostly over nothing. It's like a hive-mind tantrum. It would be interesting if it wasn't so stupid and pointless.

It's obvious by now this won't change, I just use "Trash Thread" a lot and move on.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sat Nov 21, 2015, 06:33 AM (0 replies)

CNN interview: ISIS captured 5000 blank Syrian passports in Raqqa

A Syrian who is resettled in France was being interviewed there, saying that it is easy to obtain a Syrian passport, that whatever a person states as his name is put on the document no questions asked. It's simply a matter of paying several hundred Euros according to the witness.

Just as the interview was ending, he said "That isn't the worst thing though. I want to say something very important that no one has reported". He went on to say that when ISIS captured Raqqa, it got 5000 blank Syrian passports.

5000. 5000 that ISIS can fill out any way it wishes. I'd say that's a relevant fact. I wonder why it hasn't been reported before. Surely the major players know about it.

(The interview was on between 3 am and 3:30 am EST. I want to see whether CNN reairs it in a while but if it doesn't, it's at least worth a post here.)

Edit to add: I didn't know who the interviewer was at first but I saw her on camera again -- it was Hala Gorani.

Edit again to correct number: not 500, but 5000
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Tue Nov 17, 2015, 04:58 AM (23 replies)
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