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Now will they celebrate by continuing to butcher

each other?

I doubt that...

everyone will be a homogenous light brown. That assumes that there will be almost constant heavy movements of all the peoples of the world all over the world, which will likely never happen.

The places that are mostly white/black/brown or what have you now will for the most part likely stay that way, though they of course could change at local levels, especially metropolitan areas with constant movement of people in and out of the area.

I think pressures on energy resources will make such mass movement that would be required impossible in the future and create ever more localized communities as "moving" becomes less feasible or necessary. Perhaps in a world with unlimited resources and a one world government (think "Star Trek" like), that could happen over thousands of years. But I guess I don't see such a utopian future for humanity, haha.

Right now, immigration numbers are so small generally, even in nations that allow a lot of it, that all that really happens is that the nation slowly absorbs the immigrants over hundreds and thousands of years, and there is little discernable change.

I do think perceptions of race by skin color, which is merely a social construct, will continue to change to perhaps the point of irrelevance one day, just like hair and eye color are fairly irrelevant right now.

Buchanan can take comfort in the fact that Hispanics are for the most part classified as white under the US census. Which really just shows the whole silliness of the social construct. Buchanan fears ethnic extinction, and like many right wingers, his fears are based on ignorance and paranoia. Ethnicities change constantly all over the world, as does culture, even without immigration, so Buchanan seems to be fighting a battle that can't be won. Not to mention, the "ethnicity" he clamors for was only created out of the evolution of other ethnicities and cultures.

I think the vast majority of people, male or female...

who identify as feminist would fail this purity test.

Unless people educate themselves about gender inequality to a substantial degree, they won't even recognize a lot of the consequences of it. And most people are not very well educated in identifying how the concept of gender impacts many aspects of their lives, much less identifying the privileges/disadvantages that go along with it. Or they are vaguely aware of the most obvious ways it impacts their lives, but they just don't care to think about it, much less do anything about it.

I think women are somewhat more motivated, given they face more disadvantages generally, but even among women in the US there is widespread apathy in my opinion. I think there is a growing interest from men as they face certain disadvantages, but unfortunately some feminist women are threatened by this interest and seek to block feminist men from a movement that some see as exclusively about females. The term "feminism" doesn't help in this regard.

If you can get a person to question and look into the privileges they have of any sort, that's the greatest challenge and best start. In that sense, the idea that the US is a perfect meritocracy is one of the biggest obstacles to recognizing privilege of any sort, much less the social constructs from which they stem.
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