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Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2008, 05:59 PM
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Even on DU...

It has privilege. Maybe not the religion forum specifically, but overall, it still has it.

Think of it this way. Any other leader of an organization who had a misogynist and homophobic official doctrine would probably be denounced unanimously across DU, no matter their liberal stances on other issues. Except, that is, for religious leaders of various stripes. There were posts praising the new Pope, for example, on DU, and denouncing harsh criticism of said Pope as bigotry. It's just religious privilege.

Really, the only place many American atheists can break through that religious privilege criticism is on the Internet. Mainstream media doesn't touch such topics with a ten foot pole even.

I don't doubt there are good people in the RCC, but they're supporting a bad organization by remaining, and they don't have to remain. There are many other religions and organizations that would allow them to continue on and that they actually believe in. There's no good enough reason to remain in an organization that toxic and harmful.

I never said the RCC was the KKK...

I said their rationale for discrimination is the same. That is one similarity. I know not everyone in the church agrees with it, but it's the official church doctrine! I'm sorry you had to go through that, that is terrible, and it's why I think people should leave any organization that STILL officially promotes that hate and bigotry.

The religious privilege I refer to is the kid gloves religion gets treated with compared to secular ideologies, and which is why comparisons between different types of bigotry by a church and a secular organization are always deemed somehow offensive.

But that's a poor rationale...

If a explicitly discriminatory institution does a lot of good works elsewhere, so what? How is that a good reason to join them? There are many institutions that do the same work without it, so go through those organizations.

Lots of discriminatory organizations, the KKK included, do good works. Does that make them more legitimate in our mind? It shouldn't.

Yes, people will join the church for different reasons...

But what reason is good enough to join ANY organization that treats women as inferior and homosexuals as "disordered" and actively tries to take away the rights of both? There is no good enough reason.

How is that a bad comparison?

There's nothing disrespectful about it. This is the religious privilege crap that is so annoying. The ideology of the Catholic Church is no different from the KKK with regards to why it discriminates against certain groups. Is the Church's discrimination and bigotry against gays and homosexuals somehow "less bad" than the KKK's bigotry? More rational? The rationale is the same.

This is the Catholic Church from the article...

So yes, it is. These aren't Unitarians.

The ones that do should get the hell out to weaken and eventually destroy such organizations, the stuff they do is way too toxic to stay on or lend any sort of support to change it from within. I wouldn't advocate someone stay in the KKK to change it from within. Would you?

If you have a point, make it...

Are you seriously surprised that the Catholic Church discriminates against homosexuals and women and tries to take away their rights? Is this news to you? Are you so impotent you can't defend this bullshit institution? Wow, just wow.

Then why are they part of a misogynist, homophobic institution?

There's no good reason to be, especially if a person is not themselves.

All Catholic priests are part of a misogynist, homophobic institution

We're talking about the Catholic Church. I don't join such bigoted organizations. I'm sure local KKKs do some community work, but I wouldn't join them, cause I'm not a racist.

Again, there's no good reason to join an explicitly bigoted organization.

Yeah, I'm not a misogynist or homophobe, so the priesthood isn't for me

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