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Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2008, 05:59 PM
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I don't think it's even a comparison. Communism wasn't in the name of atheism.

Atheists can be bad people, but it's never because of their atheism. Meanwhile, otherwise good people do bad things in the name of religion all the time.

The difference is that theism is irrational, and can lead to some truly scary results when people take things on faith. Anyone who doesn't use critical thinking is a potential tool for bad people, and most religion requires the suspension of critical thinking.

Again, you fail to respond in any meaningful way

Are you embarrassed you can't have a discussion? Just run away now and stop shaming yourself. It's clear you won't be addressing any points or engaging in discussion. Passive aggressive ad Homs are pretty sad to behold, but then, you find compelling reasons to join leadership positions in misogynist organization.

Don't worry, I get it, there are very good and compelling reasons, you believe, to join bigoted organizations. What those reasons are, well, I doubt you'll actually ever say that, I mean, it's kinda self-evident, doncha know?

No, yours represents how many priests and nuns must justify themselves...

if at all. Namely, don't think about it, put your fingers in your ears, and go LALALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU. Also, never respond to relevant points made. Actually, just ignore them, pretend they aren't there. That's what I see religious people do day in and day out, and the leaders of those organizations have to become experts in self-delusion or selective thinking. Indeed, just make "self-evident" proclamations.

Here is an organization that is explicitly misogynist and homophobic. I said that there is no compelling or good reason to join such an organization, much less be in a leadership role in it. Your response? Well, you didn't have one really, not to that point, just snark. Par for the course really. And you won't have a response to that point. It's in your interest to ignore that point and attack me, because that position is defenseless.

Heck, I'd do the same if I worked for an organization that explicitly discriminates against women and homosexuals and was just doing it for a living, not because I believed that shit.

The only difference is that religious privilege allows people to think there's a big difference between joining one bigoted organization over another, as long as the bigotry comes from a religion, well, people don't question you much about it. But, that's starting to change. Your non-response is the usual.

Depends on what one considers "thoughtful" and "compelling"...

Anyone that chooses to voluntarily join a bigoted organization and belief system that actively discriminates and hurts others won't have any thoughtful or compelling reasons in my book. The reasoning I find is almost always very bad. Actually, most don't care to think too much about it I'd imagine, or they might end up losing their livelihood.

Another good example of how faith is a dangerous way to think...

and can harm other innocent third parties, like your children.

Not for any good (IMHO) logical reason...

Might as well ask why someone would want to be a member of the KKK, a uniquely bigoted organization itself, except, at least there you still get to have sex, and their philosophy isn't entirely supernatural, you do have some psuedoscience, though a lot of apologetics seems like psuedoscience to me.

Seriously, why would someone young want to throw away their sexuality and young years for an institution based on lies, fear, hate and bigotry, with clear beliefs on women being inferior and homosexuals being "disordered", and with a vengeful god that killed millions in their own holy book, and of which there is zero proof or evidence? It's a good question. What would drive someone to do that?

My guess? For most, childhood indoctrination first and foremost (which is very sad really), tradition, comforting beliefs, and community, all mixed with a big dose of intellectual dishonesty and cognitive dissonance, and a splash of ingnorance (add more if need be). What else? Well, maybe the fear of hell and the opportunity to help others. What's depressing is that religion is not needed for tradition, community, comforting philosophies, etc., and religion can twist even good intentions because it is based on such an illogical premise. Hence, Pope Francis wanting to help the poor, but homosexuals organizing for rights? The devil.

While I can respect the good intentions of some of those who become nuns and priests, I can never respect their decision to carry out those intentions through such a terrible, horrible, hateful belief system that continues to cause so much pain and suffering and recruits almost entirely through indoctrinating the gullible, mainly young children. Indeed, for pushing gullibility as a virture in "faith". Not to mention, the sheer lunacy of celibacy and the totally disgusting, guilt-ridden idea of "original sin". At the same time, I feel for them, because for many, if they hadn't been indoctrinated in the faith, they would have never chosen such a twisted role in service to such a terrible belief system, regressive in so many ways.

I didn't...

The point is that something is not right just because it has been going on a long time.

Whether your an atheist or not has nothing to do with such terrible logic.

Slavery goes back farther than that... Your point?

Is it Obama's fault for actively defending violations of religious freedom, no matter how far back they go, with theocratic-minded Repubs as his allies? Yup.

Obama administration sides with Republicans in defending legislative prayers


Summary: Town has only Christian prayers for years, gets called out on it, court of appeals rules it's not constitutional. Conservative Supreme Court decides to take case, 32 Republican Senators and 84 Republican House members file briefs defending the practice. Only 2 Democrats, one senator and one house member, join them, and, oh yeah, the Obama administration.

WTF? ANY prayer is unconstitutional and harmful, much less sectarian prayer, carried out by government bodies, what the hell is the Obama administration thinking?

Here is the Obama defense, joining all those fun conservatives. Disgusting:


With friends like these....
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