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You can't apologize for him. And why do you frame things in terms of race? I mean, everyone is bigoted towards everyone else, and it's never a good thing. If you are going to apologize for "Anglo Caucasian" bigotry towards blacks and Hispanics, you might as well apologize for all bigotry from any made up group to any other made up group that's ever been done. It would make as much sense.

In other words, it's not your problem, it's your father-in-law's. Don't apologize for him. Confront him with his bigotry if you feel you can, but if not (family is complicated), then don't sweat it.

I said nothing about them hating us...

rather about them hating each other. Sectarian strife runs deep in Iraq still. The slaughter that happened in Iraq was by and large sectarian violence. Iraqis killing Iraqis over stupid tribalistic crap. Now that we're gone, wonder if they'll continue.

To say that our troops were sent to Fallujah for the purpose of butchering citizens is rather ridiculous. That's like saying Iraqis hate us for our freedom. It isn't smart in other words.

The OP makes a false argument...

They imply that because some don't agree with Occupy's tactics, they are fine with "the brutality and false witness".

Then they imply people want to stop Occupy from protesting because they disagree with their tactics.

Then they ask people that disagree with Occupy's tactics to just "deal with us" the same way "we" (I guess ony Occupy) deals with economic injustice etc.

And they get over 100 recs.

People can fully support Occupy and criticize their tactics. It's not mutually exclusive. To those who suddenly throw ridicule and suspicions on people who disagree with Occupy's tactics, you remind me of those who throw ridicule and suspicion at people who disagree with Obama's tactics or the Democrat's tactics.

Such animosity isn't logical. It certainly doesn't help.

We hold the same ideology, we believe in the same message. We are ultimately on the same side. Tactics can be debated, and really, should be, about how best to achieve goals.

Now will they celebrate by continuing to butcher

each other?
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