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Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2008, 05:59 PM
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O'Reilly interviewing whacko Beck...

It's great. You can tell Billo can't stand him. Beck cuts him off constantly and berates him, haha.

Speak for yourself...

I don't owe Native Americans anything for past wrongs. What all of society owes everybody else is opportunity and the basics of life. No doubt we as a society (not "whites" fail parts of our population at that. I do remember what the US did to Native Americans and understand that is why they are where they are now.

Also, Native American tribes warred incessently like every other group of humans before Europeans arrived, taking each other's land. When Europeans got here, Native American tribes allied with Europeans to take other tribes land or to win wars.

To speak in terms of "the white man" seems so retro as to be embarrassing anymore. Nobody has a natural right to any land.


And why is that? I think it's perfectly acceptable to criticize cultures, and I think it was quite called for in this instance.

Why, I've seen many a topic and OP criticize American culture on here every day. I even criticize American culture.

In other words, I think you are being hypocritical and oversensitive, as I doubt you care much to post when American culture is criticized.

Sounds like Jamaica...

has a pretty homophobic and sexist culture. If their skepticism is simply because the alleged victim was 31 yearls old and at the home not for the first time, then the ignorance is just staggering.

Those aren't the "only" acceptable terms...

and shouldn't be.

The abortion debate ultimately comes down to defining when a human gains rights, no matter what side a person is on. That is the real crux of the question, and there really hasn't ever been a term to describe one's position on it. It's the real sticky question and thin line. Then, once a person has defined when a human gains rights, an even sticker question arises as to how to balance those rights with the rights of the mother. Again, there are no terms to describe this either.

But I agree with you that "anti-abortion" shouldn't be used, and I don't know why Maddow uses it.

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