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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
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immediately repeal Reapportionment Act of 1929

This is the act which sets the # of members at House of Reps at 435. Due to population shifts and increases, this is limit is out of balance. Immediately, Pres. Joe should try to lift the cap (fat chance with the Repub Senate) and recalculate the # based on the population on the smallest state. If it comes out to 700 Members in the House? ok. It's the Peoples House and should reflect will of the people.

But the real reason to recalculate this #, is because it reapportions the # of Electors to each state. Just trying to eliminate the Electoral College will be difficult because of the resistance from Red States. By recalculating and rebalancing the # of the electors, the outcome of the Electoral College should be more in line with the popular vote.

The USPS mail is so slow....

yesterday, I finally received my medicines ordered online from Canada and then TODAY, I received an eMail from that pharmacy stating that it was time to order my next 3 month refills. LOL

Make Election Day a National Holiday......

And name it the Day of Remembrance.

It honors the memories of our beloved departed AND reinforces the memory that the citizen vote/uprising threw out the tyrant who caused all those deaths.

Another one for our side.

My sister just texted me that her vote will probably confuse the pollsters. Despite being a life-long Republican, she is voting for the Democrats this year. Her quote: Trump and his family are disgusting.

Can't say that her husband will follow her example, but he might decide not to vote at all, rather than vote for a Democrat.

I'm hoping my gently prodding through the last few years had some influence. When after working at Eastman Kodak for 40 years, there was no corporate party, no celebration, no send-off. no sign of appreciation.

Her disappointment (not her word) was to find out she would be replaced by 3 other people- ALL 3 would be making more money to start than the salary she was making on the day she retired.
I told her, 'all her life she has detested Unions but if Kodak had been unionized, this situation would have never taken place'.

2nd Monday of November as Election Day.

Let's make the 2nd Monday of November the official Election Day of the US, on the same day as the Armistice Day* holiday.

We actively link 'Veterans Day' which is honoring the service of our Veterans with our service and responsibility as voting citizens.

*Armistice Day was originally a celebration of the restoration of Peace at the end of WWI. That's why I use that term.

Patient Zero?

Will history record that Patient Zero of the 2nd COVID wave was Trump?

How do we slow down the spread of COVID after the election?

Can we afford 2 more months of immobility until Jan 20?

Does CDC decide to follow a newly elected President, who is not yet inaugurated?

Do the Repub-tards finally use the 25th Amendment and let Pence take over?

Does the House Impeach a 2nd time with the charge of malfeasance in handling the pandemic?

Do we just hunker down and hope that clusters don't pop up in our neighborhoods in the middle of Winter?

Can a newly elected President gather all the Governors together and have the Governors take the reins controlling the pandemic until Jan. 20

Just thoughts popping into my head tonight

Stop the COVID spread....

just think. We are two weeks from Election Day which means NO MORE COVID spreader rallies! This in itself should slow down the spread of COVID. Always a silver lining.

Help the vulnerable by reforming Social Security

1) Remove the cap, not merely lift the cap.
This should be embraced by the Repubs since they love the flat tax concept, IF they have to pay any tax.

2) Drop the %-age rate of payroll tax.
With more income due to the removal of the cap, it would be possible to drop the rate from 14% to 6%. THIS would be a win for the Dems. So simple. No more talk of Dems always raising taxes.

3) a) Drop taxing Social Security benefits. It's double taxation as it is.

or b) Drop taxing SS benefits until the payout to each individual reaches the amount they have contributed, and then tax benefits beyond that.
( I don't like this concept. Not that it's complicated because it's not. Besides, it really does not help the vulnerable, which is the premise of reforming SS)

4) Raise the benefits for everyone.
No way should the benefit for an individual be less that what the government declares to be poverty level. A good start might be 1.5x the poverty level as a bare minimum. In Germany, the rate is about 50% of the last years wages, not based totally on the amount paid in. Top rate reported to be close to $5000/ month + pensions.

5) Return pension fund control to the workers.
St. Ronald Reagan turned the pension control over to the corporations which failed to properly fund them and then lost them if bankruptcy occurred. They were sold as part of the sale of the company, too. And, then on top of that, he instituted the first taxation of SS benefits. Hence, contemporary workers have few pensions and rely completely on savings and SS. There is no 3-legged stool upon which FDR style retirement was based.

Elie Mystal

Despite my retirement, I would apply to law school if I could take a class with Elie Mystal
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