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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
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war rhetoric?

Can we as a country make a conscience effort to move away from using 'war' rhetoric?

I just saw on MSNBC the rerun of Tom Brokaw's contribution, saying that the Democratic party is 'at war among itself'. The USA has a war mentality even in the simplest terms or phrases.

I recall someone (Joe Scarborough?) inviting two men onto this show with clearly opposing views, but he introduced the segment and a "shoot-out". Yes, it's literary.
Is it so wrong to say 'we are inviting guests with totally different outlooks'?

It's time to bite our collective tongues using such phrases.

a question about presidential pardons?

if a President is convicted of crimes, and if those given pardons by the President are directly related to those crimes, would the pardons become null and void? (in the sense that the pardons were used as cover-up devices)

Nov.11 Armistice Day

This is my annual posting about November 11. I refer to it as the former name, Armistice Day.

It is the day of Celebration of restored Peace in the world.

Those supporting the Electoral College-

those friends of mine who support keeping the Electoral College, state that their areas will not be represented if New York and California elect a new President if there is no Electoral College.

My sarcastic reply is, 'that's what your gerrymandered districts are for. How much representation do you need?'

immediately repeal Reapportionment Act of 1929

This is the act which sets the # of members at House of Reps at 435. Due to population shifts and increases, this is limit is out of balance. Immediately, Pres. Joe should try to lift the cap (fat chance with the Repub Senate) and recalculate the # based on the population on the smallest state. If it comes out to 700 Members in the House? ok. It's the Peoples House and should reflect will of the people.

But the real reason to recalculate this #, is because it reapportions the # of Electors to each state. Just trying to eliminate the Electoral College will be difficult because of the resistance from Red States. By recalculating and rebalancing the # of the electors, the outcome of the Electoral College should be more in line with the popular vote.

The USPS mail is so slow....

yesterday, I finally received my medicines ordered online from Canada and then TODAY, I received an eMail from that pharmacy stating that it was time to order my next 3 month refills. LOL

Make Election Day a National Holiday......

And name it the Day of Remembrance.

It honors the memories of our beloved departed AND reinforces the memory that the citizen vote/uprising threw out the tyrant who caused all those deaths.
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