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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
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The next AG should aggressively attack voter suppression.

First place would be limited voting places. The next Attorney General (my choice Glenn Kirschner) should aggressively attack those in authority who suppress voting. No slaps on the hands, no 3 year delay in results.

Any places where lines are longer than 45 minutes will be under federal scrutiny.

Those state attorneys general who do not provide proper voter environments should be arrested for federal felonies.

Rep. Karen Bass for VP?

Congresswoman Karen Bass was just on Morning Joe and is very impressive. Very potentially Presidential.

Side note, totally off topic. I don't care for our Dem. friends so have their moniker listed as Rep. I know it means Representative but subliminally, it could mean Republican, hence confusion.

Instead, should be something like Cong. Karen Bass or what I would really like, MC Karen Bass. MC=Member of Congress

Lady Antibellum

Already my Trumpian high school friends are dismissing all this recent BLM movements, as another form of political correctness. Specifically they mention the change of name from Lady Antebellum to Lady A.

My suggestion is just edit the spelling of the name from e to i. Lady Antibellum

Bad cops are the fruits of a country at war

I feel that bad cops are the fruits of a country which is constantly at war.
(Despite being constantly maligned, Jimmy Carter's term was one of few respites of conflict in the US 250 years of existence.)

The training of warrior solders include instilling the mindset of we vs. them, we crusaders vs. the enemy. Many cops were part of the military and carry that instilled attitude into the American streets. if they were not in the military, they were trained at the Academy by retired military who use military techniques. Moreover, excess military equipment now becomes 'basic & essential' battle gear for patrolling American towns and cities. No wonder the call has come for cutting the funding of local police budgets.

But the way produce good fruit is to create a new peaceful mindset. That is, to trim this military-industrial complex and that means, no more war. Search for peace.
No more 18 years of war in a backward country. No more linking economic wars with 'protecting our freedoms.'
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