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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
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Vote like life depends on it? NO

Vote BECAUSE your life depends on it.

What do you respect about RBG?

We honor and respect Ruth Bader Ginsburg and we hear of her liberal stances to advance equal justice for all.

We also respect her discipline and persistence in whatever office she was in. Let's remember and teach to our younger friends. There is no great end result without study, contemplation, planning, discipline and hard work.....and all those separate tasks are done many times with no fanfare or support. It is personal dedication that wins.

Medicare does not pay for COVID-19 testing?

I just received a bill from my Blue Cross Medicare carrier regarding my recent Covid test (Negative! YAY!), which listed I pay $15 for the office visit but since they denied payment for the covid test itself, will cost me $64.97. Total I owe= $79.97

I'm over 65 years old, treating for asthma, developed a cough and just traveled cross-country through states with high covid rates. Aren't any or all those concerns worthy of my requesting a covid test?

coin shortage? drop the penny.

It's time to eliminate use of the penny.

For those using credit cards, they pay the full amount of the sale. For those using cash, round down the bill to the nearest nickel.
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