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There's a good cop in Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo Police Department

13.April.2021 ·
Today, Officer Thomas Dye was recognized by the RACC of Fargo-Moorhead as a recipient of the Healing Hurt Award. Each year, RACC staff nominate organizations and individuals they feel have gone above and beyond to positively impact those victimized by domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, trafficking/sexual exploitation, and child sexual abuse in the past year. The recipient is chosen because the staff believe they have greatly contributed to supporting the agency's mission to create a society free of personal abuse.

Officer Thomas Dye was nominated by RACC staff for "showing compassion and patience while responding to a sexual assault call at a local emergency room. He did his best to make the client feel comfortable and heard while remaining respectful and diligent in his questioning."

RACC Staff said: “Officer Dye showed this survivor that they mattered - he treated them as a person, a human being who deserved his time, his attention and to be heard. Many survivors don’t come forward out of fear of police response, however Officer Dye’s approach made the reporting easier than it could have been for the clients.”

'In the closet' Trump friends

Lately, I have noticed comments from friends & acquaintances who I thought might be non-political, have made comments about Pres Biden's spending ideas. "Infrastructure is only a small portion of the bill", or "Boy, that is a lot of money we're spending". Of course, I retort immediately stating, 'it's about time we took care of our infrastructure- it has been too long' .

There's no follow-up discussion but I now know they are 'in the closet' Trump people who had been very careful in stating their views.

Has anyone else noticed this change all in the last couple months?

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