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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
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Taize- Behuete Mich Gott

Here is my rendering (translation) of the German prayer sung at the Taizé Community in France.
During stressful times the music and this prayer play in my head.

Keep* me Oh God, I trust in You.
You show me the way for living.
With you is Joy, Joy in your Presence.

*Behüte= Keep, as in 'protect me within your hut'.

Don't be passive about asking your Healthcare Professional if the office staff has been vax'd

Earlier this week was a post about the encounter someone had a the dental office, the hygienist proclaimed she was taking Hydrochloroqine (Plaquenil). As a semi-retired health care professional, double vax'd, it made me think about how I would approach my upcoming doctor appointments.

1) The aforementioned hygienist was taking quite an aggressive stance in her reasoning not to be vax'd.
In return, we must NOT be passive in the face of these absurd actions.

2) I am calling all my doctors in advance of my visits to inquire if those (anyone) touching & treating me have been vax'd and stating I will not allow anyone not vax'd to treat me. (if you don't call ahead and walk out, they will charge you for an office visit)

3) Don't be surprised if the response from the office states that is against HIPPA regulations for anyone to divulge to you their vax status. You then have to make your own decision. Reason I say this is the office I work in, fill-in, will not allow me to wear a silocone bracelet stating I have been vaccinated. HIPPA, they say. sure.........

4) If the office does not wish to tell me of the doctor's/tech's/nurse/hygienist vax status, I might state that I DO NOT want anyone NOT vax'd to touch me. Have them enter your wish into your patient record. IF you discover your wishes had been violated, that is grounds for a malpractice lawsuit.

I've always been interested in the APT tax.

Automated Payment Transaction tax - Wikipedia.webloc

Basically, it's a transaction tax on every transaction, but TINY tax, something like a penny on the $100, because the tax is so broadly spread. It would apply to every transaction, from groceries to medicines to payroll to stock market trades to real estate transactions.

The Repubs like a flat tax because they think they can somehow get around it and yet everyone else has to pay the tax. But this way, they can't.
The Dems would prefer a progressive tax but this is because it's based on transactions and the more people with money spend a lot more than the poor.

if it works for the federal government, then it should work for state governments. Imagine, no more 8% sales tax....instead a 0.01% tax. (Instead of paying $8 on a $100 meal, the tax might be 10cents.)

Outlived their welcome? *sarcasm*

We hear about some states who suggest that they would like consider seceding from the US. But what about the original 13 states? Is it possible for those original states to decide that some newer states have outlived their welcome and should leave the Union?
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