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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
Number of posts: 1,156

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Cops handling left vs fascists in South Carolina.

I saw on TV women being 'manhandled' at a protest, one being led down the middle of the street to the pokey, while 100's of supporters stood and watched. If I was one of those protestors being cuffed, I sure would have welcomed any kind of resistance to help me- at least to make me think my sacrifice wasn't isolated .

If fascists were promoting the protest, would they just stand by and watch while their comrades were being cuffed and led away? I don't think so.

Do I have any answer? No. I'm still trying to figure how to react and to lend my support.

Maybe if down the street, further down toward where the cops were dragging his poor woman protestor, what would happen if the crowd spontaneously closed ranks to block off that street such that the cop would not have free access. It would slow him down- she would have support-maybe all he would have to do is walk past the crowd, but he wouldn't know that at the moment.
What would have happened if the crowd formed a large circle around the 5 cops who were ruffing up the peaceful protestors? ( I don't mean to squeeze them and not to touch the cops, but to form a circle, a line, a boundary)

Sorry, just venting.

Time for National Initiative Option

Our Representative Democracy is no representative nor democratic.
While in the past I have never cared for state initiatives, the time is now for a national initiative process.

Is the concept of the filibuster really in the Constitution?

yes, rules of proceedings but what about the concept of 'one man, one vote'? Not 60 votes vs. 40 votes.

Could a class action lawsuit to SCOTUS challenge the concept of the 60 vote filibuster?

What if the filibuster was 85 votes? is that less or equal in concept to the 60 vote filibuster?
I would think a challenge to anything other than simple majority would apply to the basic tenant of democracy.

Let's face it, the US Senate is not remotely democratic so a filibuster skews the voting even more toward unbalanced representation.

...and don't get me started about US Senate votes should be weighted compared to the population of each state.
Oh, the sheer thought of representing people on a more equal basis!

Why do I fear, 'if' the right wing continues to promote violence in the US,

that they will call on Russia to provide military assistance?

(By the way, where I work in Buffalo is only a mile from that Tops grocery store.)

Sen. Manchin voted against the Women's Health Protection Act stating that...

is too broad.

It includes too many women and does not include men?

I'm enjoying the YouTube posts about Ukraine War from Estonian soldier Artur Rehi.

So funny when he gets excited by Russian tanks being blown up by Ukrainians.
Also, his attempt to pronounce names of patrons with his Estonian background.

sorry, for some reason I can't add a link. you tube Artur Rehi.

In the vein of States Rights, but as applied to the Blue States,

the Blue States could codify Privacy Rights/ Abortion Rights ...

but then, give the reasoning that 4 Justices on the Supreme Court perjured themselves under oath concerning Roe ,
so the upcoming SCOTUS ruling on Abortion Rights is considered null and void.

Don't be surprised if the Repubs reconvene a new Constitutional Convention....

if they win the House, Senate and Presidency.

authoritarian vs. dictator?

Repubs have no problem with calling Joe Biden a dictator. What do Dems use the word 'authoritarian', other than it is a higher educated word, is precise and might not offend Repubs because it is too obtuse?

Let's just say the word DICTATOR! although I would spell it dicktator.

Dicktator DeSantis

Dicktator Abbott

Dicktator Trump

Dicktator Putin (not oligarch and not authoritarian)

For men who couldn't care less about the track of EV Christians & SCOTUS,

1) overturning Roe
2) banning birth control
3) banning gay marriage

because it does not affect them.......

wait until SCOTUS bans sale or purchase of pornography, like was in the 1950's.
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