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Profile Information

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 7,160

Journal Archives

Rw Catholics are kidding themselves.

The vast majority of the GOP still hate Catholics and use RW Catholics for votes. They really don't like them though. I remember when most Catholics were Democratic Party members. They used abortion to get the Catholic vote, while destroying safety nets and advocating death by war and execution. These are things Catholics are taught to reject. I don't get RW Catholics.

The Republican sideshow is to get Kasich elected

He will be their nominee expect it.

Not a damn thing said about the racism blanketing America tonight

They didn't even touch it in the puke debate

Please understand what #BlackLivesMatter means to the community

If you lost your, son, daughter, husband, brother, grandchild, cousin to Police Violence wouldn't you want to hear your loved ones lives mattered? By ignoring it you are adding to their pain. Saying all lives matter is dismissive of your pain. When the whole movement is to raise awareness of the extreme pain they are feeling because their loved wasn't just murdered they were dismissed as nobody's. Just put yourself in their shoes and you will understand.

I can't believe Dubya had the stones to go back to NOLA

I hope it torpedeos Jeb's campaign. I can't stand the Bushes.

MSNBC needs change its name to

TRUMP TV they show his speeches live and talk about him constantly

Is it just me or does Scott Walker have a smarmy Nixonesque persona?

I can't stand him. He will do to America what he has done to Wisconsin. All the candidates with the exception of Kasich are smarmy, creepy assholes. Kasich is just assholish.
I will say Kasich expanded Medicaid here and was attacked by the right saying he was "hiding behind Jesus" . When a rightwinger does something Jesus taught they get skewered for it. The Koch's hate him now.

If America were truly a "Christian" nation Jimmy Carter should have won reelection.

Reagan was Hollywood whose wife consulted psychics. Jimmy Carter was a Sunday School teacher, who practiced what he preached. Just look at Trump's polling numbers. Republican Evangelicals are inconsistent at best.

Skinner Appreciation Thread

I just want to thank Skinner for all the work he does behind the scene. Without Skinner there would be no DU. Here's to you Skinner thank you.

edited to add: A great big thank you to EarlG and Elad too for all they do.

Hillary's emails

Wouldn't they be on a very secure server anyway with her husband being an ex President?
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