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Coronavirus: anger in Germany at report Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal.

Source: The Guardian

MPs and ministers criticise display of ‘self-interest’ and accuse US president of electioneering

German ministers have reacted angrily following reports US president Donald Trump offered a German medical company “large sums of money” for exclusive rights to a Covid-19 vaccine.

“Germany is not for sale,” economy minister Peter Altmaier told broadcaster ARD, reacting to a front page report in Welt am Sonntag newspaper headlined “Trump vs Berlin”.

The newspaper reported Trump offered $1bn to Tübingen-based biopharmaceutical company CureVac to secure the vaccine “only for the United States”.

The German government was reportedly offering its own financial incentives for the vaccine to stay in the country.

The report prompted fury in Berlin. “German researchers are taking a leading role in developing medication and vaccines as part of global cooperation networks,” foreign minister Heiko Maas told the Funke Mediengruppe research network. “We cannot allow a situation where others want to exclusively acquire the results of their research,” said Maas, of the centre-left SPD.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/16/not-for-sale-anger-in-germany-at-report-trump-seeking-exclusive-coronavirus-vaccine-deal

The Shock Doctrine, in this real pandemic disaster might it give some in the GOP the ability to use

Naomi Klein's. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, as a way to disrupt the 2020 elections.
To use this pandemic world disaster to reelect Trump to a second term.

As Naomi Klein hypothesizes in her book the use of a natural disaster as cover for radical changes to advantage those who have other agendas. In this case, reelect Trump. Look at New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. And Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Both still struggle to regain their communities and infrastructure. Especially Puerto Rico.

Naomi Klein challenges the popular myth of this movement's (Capitalism) peaceful global victory. From Chile in 1973 to CoVid-19 pandemic of today, Klein shows how some have repeatedly harnessed terrible shocks and violence to implement their radical policies. Edited to include CoVid-19 pandemic.

Let me be clear. I believe we are experiencing a worldwide pandemic. With disruptions in countries worldwide. But my question is are there those that see this as an opportunity to advance their radical policies and private agendas under the cover of the pandemic Covid-19 spread.

Trump's re-election numbers have been in decline and his response to the pandemic has not helped those numbers. I think the evidence is clear that the Russians are again interfering with our elections. I also think it is clear that the GOP is doing all they can to maintain their grasp of power. MoscowMitch has refused to advance any legislation that would protect our 2020 elections.

Republican-controlled states have use programs to suppress voter turn out. Those states, Wisconsin for example, might see the possibility of the need to quarantine regions as a way to suppress voter turn out in strong Democratic regions like Milwaukee. Altering the results just enough with the help of Russian interference to advantage Trump.

Maybe the threat of the virus spreading will have declined by election day. But some experts have suggested that we may also see a resurgence of the virus this coming fall. Prompting additional quarantine measures statewide that might very well serve the interest of those who want to suppress votes.

If any president and president's political party has ever manipulated and schemed to secure their control of the power it is Trump and the GOP.

This could also be the time to implement the GOP's long-desired reductions in SS and Medicare by reducing the payroll taxes that fund SS and Medicare. As noted here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100213113475

Stock Market is down. At 10:13 EST

DJIA -2181.18 -8.46%
NASDAQ - 666.92 -7.29%
S&P -216.91 -7.55%

Senate GOP chairman abruptly shifts course on subpoena targeting Bidens.

The decision by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, comes as Democrats have attacked the probe as politically motivated, especially as Biden surges in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and the chance to face President Trump. Some have warned it could play into Russian efforts to spread disinformation ahead of the presidential election in November.

In a message Wednesday to members of the panel, sent roughly an hour before a planned vote, Johnson said he would indefinitely postpone the subpoena for documents and testimony from Andrii Telizhenko, a Ukrainian national who worked for a U.S. lobbying firm that acted on behalf of Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that employed Hunter Biden as a board member.

Johnson said he was doing so “[o]ut of an abundance of caution and to allow time for [senators] to receive additional briefings.”

But Johnson indicated that the investigation would continue. He said in an interview Wednesday that he would instead seek to directly subpoena the lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies.

“My concern is they have not been cooperative,” he said. “If we can get all the records, get all the answers, that’s great. If not, we’re going to have to continue and use other measures.”


Super-rich jet off to disaster bunkers amid coronavirus outbreak

‘Self isolate’ for some of world’s richest means Covid-19 tests abroad, personal medics and subterranean hideouts

Like hundreds of thousands of people across the world, the super-rich are preparing to self-isolate in the face of an escalation in the coronavirus crisis. But their plans extend far beyond stocking up on hand sanitiser and TV boxsets.

The world’s richest people are chartering private jets to set off for holiday homes or specially prepared disaster bunkers in countries that, so far, appear to have avoided the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Many are understood to be taking personal doctors or nurses on their flights to treat them and their families in the event that they become infected. The wealthy are also besieging doctors in private clinics in Harley Street, London, and across the world, demanding private coronavirus tests.


Trump continues to lie about COVID-19

He has to go.

"He is a national embarrassment".

"Now that Vice President Joe Biden is leading the Democratic primary field, Trump and Republicans are attacking him for "gaffes."

Really? "Gaffes"

An answer from The Lincoln Project.

Via MSNBC live Biden won the state of Minnesota. Thanks to Amy Klobuchar backing Biden.

Let's not forget there are other clandestine forces out there purposely disrupting this election...

.... to favor Orangeman. The Russians are purposely disrupting the 2020 DNC candidates.

Sadly this is partially facilitated by the lack of Facebook to stop foreign government bots and trolls from using their platform to clandestinely disrupt the 2020 election to reelect Trump.

Russia has their yes man aka puppet in the White House and they PLAN on keeping him there. Causing confusion and infighting in the DNC ranks is all part of their master plan. In the military, it is called SysOps. It's a weapon and it works.

Are we sure that it's really just the BS and the Bernie Bros or are the Russian bots and trolls doing their job? Part of the job is to discourage supporters of all the DNC candidates. With Bernie clearly in the lead of DNC candidates, he is the likely primary target to disrupt.

At this point, it seems to be working but what is the true source of all the acrimony?


So, are we watching a slow but focus coup in the making. Starting in 2000 ending in 2020. Hang chads

So, are we watching a slow but focus coup in the making. Starting in 2000 ending in 2020. Hang chads to stolen elections with foreign intervention.

In my opinion, the republicans have been on this quest to take total and complete control of the three branches of our once-great democratic republic.

Ignoring the obvious evidence it appears to me that the WH and MoscowMitch are going for broke with the 2020 election. Shoot the moon as it called in Hearts. Going for broke. https://www.democraticunderground.com/100213006858

If they can manage to corrupt what is left of our democracy by installing Orange Man back into the WH. And taking control of Congress. Both, with the help of the Russians and willful ignoring the warnings of our election security expert. What we will wake up to in early November 2020 is what they have schemed 20 years to do and will have accomplished.

Once done in my opinion we will never see another free and fair election. We will never see another Obama type presidency or a blue wave to overtake a house of congress. Every smoke and mirrors elections from that day forward will be decided before the first vote is cast.

The chosen head of their dream "government" will be reelected election after election with 95% of the votes going for the chosen ruler.

And yes if this is not the outcome of this 2020 election first I will be happy and surprise and gladly will say I WAS WRONG. But I hope I will not need to say I TOLD YOU SO!

The shooting range is open to take your best shot to convince me I am wrong.

I will still be voting to do my part. VOTING BLUE NO MATTER WHO.
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