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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 09:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,446

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Please, please do it.

Really please it will help the rest of us to separate the crazies (current republicans) from the bat shit crazies in the.... chuckle.. chuckle "Freedom Party" where group think will mandatory.

Botany: Great list that IMO proves...

... the oath all military enlistees take is dead on:

"to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!

May Sandra Day O'Connor suffer the same hatred that Jane Fonda has faced since Vietnam.

And I ask which one did more damage to our democracy?

When the south stops voting in these nut jobs....

and unleashing them on the rest of us.... maybe us "liberals" won't feel contempt for those who elect them.

In the mid to late 1960's I was stationed in the south. I do have some fond memories of that time.

BUT for the most part I remember the racist hatred I observed whenever I left the base. I remember the oft spoken phrase "the south shall rise again" I remember seeing the "rebel flag" flying over the stars and stripes. I remember the social oppression forced on those who had less and had no way to advance.

On my discharge I remember crossing the Mason Dixon Line on my way home to New England and thinking well at least this "damn yankee" was glad to be done with that.

My fond memories pop-up occasionally usually when I'm fishing. I really enjoyed fishing on Lake Santee Cooper. I have thought of going back. Many times I have thought that things surely must have changed in the south in the last 30-40 years. Nothing has changed! NOTHING! Racism and oppression of minorities is still rampant.

Those with power still hate. Those with power in the south still hate all of us damn yankee liberals.

Those with power talk about succession. Here is a news flash this is the United States of America.

If we are united there is nothing we can't overcome. Including natural disasters.

So you need to rid yourselves of the "the earth is 6000 years old"... "there is no evolution"... "there is no climate change"... "the bible says"... "real rape"..... "vaginal probes"... "voter suppression" etc etc ........... f...ing nut jobs and join the 21st century with the rest of the United States.

Having said that. When a hurricane (Sandy) hits the middle eastern coast and their towns, homes and lives are in a shamble we all should help with IMMEDIATE federal relief dollars. When a tornado touches down in Mississippi we all should help with the same federal relief dollars. That is the role of government.

Hey Greta ......

Has the McCain family noticed that the Senator is showing signs...

.... of dementia?

As a veteran I'm tired of McCain getting a pass for what he says and does 40+ years later. Yes I know he was a prisoner of war. I respect that. But that doesn't give him a license to do stupid things today. Stupid like pushing Palin ("I can see Russia from here" onto a national ticket. That move alone showed me a clear lack of sound judgement.

Couple that with his buddy Sen Graham (R) S.C. and that is a whole bunch of stupid. They should both take a moment to listen and take some good advise from Gov. Bobby Jindal. They (GOP) need to stop being Stupid!

McCain IMO has more than used up his punch card he has carried as a POW. It has no more value. It has expired. He needs to add additional point to the card by being a statesmen who serves the American people. Not an angry old looser who appears to have some hatred for Obama and Rice. I might even ask myself is there a racial undertone to his contempt.

Our family adopted that philosophy years ago. We spend our dollars with mom and pops!

We believe those dollar travel through the community and some comeback to us to re-spend.

Tell (no show) Trump .. Elections have consequences!

his will be to his pocketbook. Maybe a small dent but still a clear message.

Tammy just beat the electoral crap out of a former WI Gov.

she will just as quickly dispatch this arrogant moronic ass-hat.

DEAD on !!

"Their homeowner's insurance policies will shoot their premiums through the roof, making the money they now have to spend on homeowner's insurance EXPONENTIALLY more than they would have paid for this puny bond measure."

Voted in WI 07

large turn out on Chequamegon Bay, Lake Superior WI.
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