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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 09:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,306

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I learned RICO charges are possible against corrupt politicians....

.... Wisconsin has a lot of it own very special corrupt politicians. I hope that the new John Doe II investigations leads to RICO charges.

Here are some places to start:

Sorry you missed the pivotal one.

Republicans are outraged -- that the BLACK man is in their White House.

Let's hope maybe Anonymous doesn't agree with this behavior.

Vote these asshole out at every opportunity. Local, state and federal election get the hell out and VOTE send these asshole back into their basements.

You can not convince a moron he or she is a moron.

You are wasting your breath. As long as Faux news is on the morons will continue well..... be ill informed morons.

I do believe there is one case of guns being confiscated by the government. Katrina, G.W.Bush and the GOP.

Veterans should remember that it was part of their enlistment oath.

"support and defend against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC"



"Martin Luther King said........

........ "the most segregated hour in America is at 11:00 on Sunday mornings, during church services. It allows those of ill will to use that homogeneity to indoctrinate and to foment a false reality to be feared, a fear of the ‘the other’."

Take away their tax exempt status. Let them say whatever they want then but on their nickel not on yours and mine.

Let's see how important free speech is to them then.

The republicans health care plan.....

....now there is a laugh. Children under 26 provision... OF COURSE it is already in place and working. The repugs know they can't get rid of it because it's in place and working. Which is the best example of why their hair is on fire about killing Obamacare now. They know that it will be just like Social Security and Medicare once in place NO American will want to give it up.

In years to come Obamacare will become the third leg of the programs that provide a safety net for the middle class and senior citizens.

As to tort reform and selling insurance across state lines. Both are the old repugs fall back arguments. The want to blame the libural (liberal) attorneys for all that is wrong with health care. And they want to sell insurance across state lines so they can go shopping for a state the will give the the best laws to benefit the insurance companies. Just like credit cards companies have their home offices in only a few states.

They do not want to provide affordable care to ALL Americans. And the worst part is they have (Congress) the best health care plan in the country. Bar none!

When are we going to stop taking this shit they cram down our throats.

These are the very "domestic threats" that every service member took and oath to defend against.
..........."to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic"

We did not elect these people their seats were bought by the very people they protect with 50 year secrecy pacts.

Wake up people. Throw these bums out. Vote for ANYONE but the incumbent. Or just give them your bank account numbers and sign over all of your assets that is what they are after. They want all the wealth in the county including your kids piggy banks.

As every veteran knows...

... we were warned at the time of our enlistment oath the we had to defend against domestic enemies as well as foreign.

Most of us probably never realized that the threat, that the enemy,... that would dismantle our democracy was in fact the enemy from within. This domestic enemy has deliberately worked to dismantled our Constitutional rights. All are on the chopping block. Except of course for the second amendment... "the altar at which they pray".

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