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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,789

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To all my fellow veterans and elected officials. REMEMBER your OATH.

To all my fellow veterans and elected officials. REMEMBER your OATH.

I am a veteran and I have held an elected office.

In both cases I raised my right hand and swore that I would.....

..... "support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic".

Let's all remember that oath and strive to continue to defend the Constitution.

The GOP, Trump and the billionaires are working to destroy the Constitution amendment by amendment, brick by brick.

It's not about the flag or the National Anthem. It is now and always should be about the Constitution!

Defend it and keep it strong and it will defend us all in return!! This is where all our loyalties should lie.

The opposite might be equally true re: the tax bill (aka giveaway to rich).

The opposite might be equally true re: the tax bill (aka giveaway to rich).

If you ask a republican he or she will say the reason that the tax bill ONLY has a 24% approval rating is

Quote: "Because they haven't read it and so the don't know about all the great, wonderful, etc, etc things in it."

Can't the opposite also be true?

When they do read it (or more analysis) are published there is a very good likelihood that the 24% approval will drop even more. Maybe into the teens. This will be an albatross around the GOP neck in the 2018 certainly the 2020 election cycle.

I hope one of the progressive think tanks builds an online tool to simulate what your tax return will look like in 2019 based on your 2017 tax status.

The more people know the less the poor and middle class (<$1,000,000) will like it.

This is the UFO visitor this planet needs.

The Day the Earth Stood Still


This was a great science fiction movie from the 1950's. The message is clear.

If only!

There is a FREE web based FAX system that allows you to fax

their Washington office.


1. Nearly every Congress member has a fax number. Provided by the website.
2. You can attach a pre-written document (.DOC, .DOCX, PDF). I use the same one just changing the Senators name.
3. A cover sheet.
4. You will need to supply a good email address and phone number for yourself.
5. You will need to go to you email address and "confirm" that it is you sending the fax.
6. You will get a confirmation when it has been sent/received.
7. It is immediate.

Works great.

Thank you my fellow Americans! Thank you to....

... Alabama's black and latino communities for doing your part to elect Senator Elect Jones.

Congratulation Doug Jones

Now don't let them denied your seat until January. Demand to be seated NOW. Sue to force McConnell. They plan to cheat by not seating you until after the tax bill is passed with the help with Luther Strange (R) yes vote.

I'm done with THEM. Period full stop!

I have voted in every election since I turned 18. I'm now nearly 71. I've donated money to Democratic candidates starting at a point in my life when I had a few extra dollars. Wrote the last check (actually PayPal) just last week.

But this capitulation to help destroy a strong voice is the final straw.

I know my small donations and single vote will not make or break anyone.

But I'm tired of being insulted by a gutless party.


Keep the GOP weapons loaded. That seems to be the goal for the democratic party.

Fight is not in their vocabulary. I've given up on them as a defender of the rights and needs of the majority of the American citizens. They are useless. I used to get frustrated when they only brought "knives to political gun fights". Now they bring the extra high capacity magazines for the guns the republicans are carrying. If Franken is to go it will (SHOULD) be the voters in MN that should decide. After all McConnell, Ryan and Trump have said that is the case for Roy Moore. And to all MN voters who fail to vote for Franken. Make sure when you are out buying bullets for the republicans weapons that they are the right caliber. Hint you can't go wrong if you by loud, useless, bigoted GOP specials. They work especially well in the deep the mud and BS.

Two points. One good the other bad.

Point 1.(Good) If they Air Lifted all of the Puerto Rican US citizens to say Florida. And they voted democratic in 2018 and 2020 they could easily swing Florida to a solid Blue State. Why would they support Trump's party after leaving them abandon.

Point 2. (Bad) If you read Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism you will realize that is what the capitalist are drooling over. All that land that would be abandoned and available for pennies on the dollar. Look at what happen to New Orleans after Katrina. Old neighborhoods were forced out. And rebuilt to the benefit of the Disaster Capitalist.

Bletchley Park.... American Style

Congratulation 'Code Girls' for finally getting your story told.

For those interested in WW II Code breaking and the German Enigma machine.

Here are books about this topic. [link:http://tinyurl.com/y79n2dj6|

My dad was a WW II radioman who spent months in a jungle radio station in South America intercepting German U-Boat message in the South Atlantic.

The U-Boats where hunting and sinking allied supply ships that were bring troops and materials to support the fight going on in North Africa. Chasing Rommel. [link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrika_Korps|

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