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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
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The Fox base for years has been in the 26-30% range.

This in IMO is all they have for a firm, no matter what issue, base.

Or to be less polite.... the stupidest of the stupids.

Ron Johnson of WI. He is a lying, hateful right wing toady.

He would kiss "Turtle's naked butt of live TV" if he was told to.

He can not be trusted. Bought and paid for by the 1% millionaires and billionaires.

What else can a guy say.

Until we stop ALL the ways the the GOP steal elections.....

...... before the polls even open we are going to continue to lose by small margins but still lose. Anyone that doubts that listen to Dr. Haldeman (Michigan State University computer scientist ???) initial opening statement in today's Senate hearing.

They are stealing with gerrymander districts. Purging voters from the voting rolls. Make it hard or impossible to obtain a Voter ID. Limiting the number of machine in voting places to slow down voting. Spending MILLIONS to defeat Democratic contenders with TV ads and other misleading tactics.

Election ARE being stolen. Investigations and history will prove that.... but not before they steal what little democracy we still have.

Don't forget the CONCERTED effort to discredit the exit poll data.

Election night 2000. Drudge Report in large red headlines "DON'T trust the exit polls."

Exit polls were use be news organizations for years to predict election night results.

The GOP has systematically disassembled our election system since 2000.

Hanging Chads was the bait that got the country to go to electronic voting systems.

IMO he has gone over the edge. The look on his staff's face was horror.

He hate Hilary so much that he WON'T let go. Senility is surely a question we should all ask.

He did not hear a thing Comey said.
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