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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 09:33 AM
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That was telling and moving.

The French leader showing obvious respect for Rep. John Lewis.

Trump's head must be spinning. I bet the WH staff will give him a wide berth today.

No one is saying, IMO, the obvious.

This is quid pro quo for the "clean" bill of health he gave Trump. Trump IMO offered the VA job for a positive health report.

The doctor should have realized that Trump is radioactive ANYONE who gets near him will get poisoned.

I would guess blackmail as well!

I think we would be kidding ourselves if we thought our Congressional leaders weren't also being surveilled by the Russian operatives in and out of the country.

Don't forget treason, money laundering and obstruction of justice, Pastor!

Have a nice Sunday!

Finally !! A serious aggressive attack against Trump and co-conspirators.

I waiting for the time when we drag the GOP into an alley with paramedics on stand-by. But until that happens this will do.

The filing can tell the country what Trump and his cabal have been up to.

Each time a new piece of evidence shows up amend the lawsuit.

Here is a "duck and cover" from Wisconsin.

Sen Ron Johnson (AKA RoJo) (R) Wisconsin



It is scary to think that the complexity of the internet is being....

Over seen and regulated by Congress members who can't program their own VCR. Let alone DVRs and Cloud storage. In fact I will bet there are Congress members who still think 8 track music tapes are the cat's meow.

Time for them all to go.

I hope Mueller and his team are waiting on the shore with subpoenas and /or arrest warrants.

Additionally a life-time reservation in Leavenworth for each one who is found guilty of treason.

How about a fire hydrant. That should ensure some living creature will....

pi$$ on him every day.

Smiling at the thought!

Rep. Sean Duffy (R) are you paying attention?

Duffy is another right winger that needs to go. Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District deserves far better than this hypocritical excuse of a representative.

The voters are catching on to the right wing con job you and others have gotten away with for way to long.

Supreme Court Justice (elect) Dallet is the proof..... your days are numbered.
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