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Future terrorist were created from the killing of Al baghdadi. Todays ISIS is the result ....

... Iraq's 2003 invasion by Bush.

Trump reported that 3 of Al Baghdadi's 11 children were killed in the raid. What happened to the remaining 8? Will they become the terrorist of the future?

"Baghdadi [the ISIS leader] was evil. Under his leadership, the Islamic State beheaded hostages and violently imposed the worst sort of theocratic rule wherever its caliphate could be established."

"While Americans celebrate Baghdadi's death, they should also think critically about his life and see it as a cautionary tale against U.S. meddling in Middle East affairs."


AM Joy Podcast for Sunday10/27/19. Sounded like a propaganda station for Trump.

Joy was not on the show today but the replacement praised Trump for the raid that killed Al Baghdadi.

I usually listen to the podcast at bedtime. Not tonight. I lasted less than 15 minutes. Joy's fill in and the White House correspondents praised the president.

They made the point that he outdid Obama with his four-sentence report compared to Trump's 50 minutes of detail.

Listen here:https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/am-joy/e/64871736?autoplay=true
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