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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 6,824

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From BBC In pictures: Connecting the world's redheads (people and their places)

I find this photo essay to be a welcome addition to my Sunday morning viewing. Enjoy!

from article: Over the past seven years, Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds has been taking pictures of people from around the world with ginger hair.

Kieran himself is "pale and ginger", what he calls a cliché of Scottish national identity, but he wants to use the hair colour to illustrate a global phenomenon.

"It's not about hair," he says. "It's about humanity and how we are all made of the same stuff. With the ginger hair you can see that connection."

link to article and pics: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-54929694

Right now at 7am mountain standard time I'm watching The Last Waltz on Comcast

channel 1875, the Epix Drive-In channel. I always get teared up when I see this.

One year ago today my Mother died. It's a bittersweet day with lots of good memories but

I'm sure I'm going to miss her for a long time.

From Al Jazeera 11-5-20: Eight non-US election stories you may have missed

From a crisis in Ethiopia to the US quitting a key climate deal, other important events are taking place amid the election.

The US presidential race between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden continues to dominate the news.

But other important things are happening.

Here are eight stories you might have missed:


Read it all at the link:


note: Al Jazeera has also been providing excellent coverage of our election. I recommend
adding them as a good source of news and opinion.

A perfect song for The Election: Make A Change by Buckwheat Zydeco

This song was used as exit music for the movie Fletch Lives in 1989. I looked for lyrics but
couldn't find any so just listen until you get it!

From The Guardian: A history of voter suppression in (the U.S. state of) Georgia - in pictures

We've come a long way, Baby, and we still have a long way to go...


From Al Jazeera: Florence Price: The story of America's forgotten musical genius (...)

"She was the first Black woman to have her music played by a major orchestra in the US, so why has she been overlooked?"

from article: It was a summer’s day in June 1933, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was tuning up. A strange sound filtered from the podium, harmonious and ear piercing in equal measure. The audience shifted and muttered in anticipation. Among them sat 46-year-old Florence Price, whose Symphony No 1 in E Minor was about to have its orchestral debut.


Florence was on the cusp of making history. This was the night she would become the first Black woman to have her music performed by an orchestra of this calibre.

Founded in 1891, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was already one of the “big five” orchestras in the United States, and frequently ranked among the best in the world. Although Black, English composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor dubbed “the Black Mahler” for his compositional ability, had had his music performed on this scale, never before had a Black woman been in this position.

And Florence was not the only “first” in the room. Her former student and family friend, 20-year-old Margaret Bonds, would perform a concertino for piano and orchestra, becoming the first Black female soloist to play as a guest with the Chicago orchestra.

MUCH more at link:

I really appreciate the content I find on Al Jazeera. They provide none of the dreaded
"register to continue reading" found on, say, the Guardian site.

This afternoon I'm watching Sean Connery's James Bond movies on the Epix Drive-In

channel, 1875 on Comcast. I've never been a big James Bond fan but there's worse things to have on.

From Al Jazeera: Dogs are humans' oldest friends, new study reveals (...)

A new DNA study published in Science journal reveals new information about shared history of humans and dogs.

From article: "A new DNA study published in the Science journal reveals new information about the shared history of humans and dogs that goes back thousands of years.

Much of the diversity seen in modern dog populations was already present around the time the last Ice Age had ended 11,000 years ago, a global study of ancient DNA revealed on Thursday.

The paper, published in the Science, showed how our canine companions spread across the world with their masters, but also found intriguing periods when our shared history was decoupled.

A research team led by the Francis Crick Institute sequenced the genomes of 27 dogs, some of which lived nearly 11,000 years ago, across Europe, the Near East and Siberia."

much more at link: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/10/30/dogs-are-humans-oldest-friends-new-study-reveals

I always enjoy articles like this. It's good to understand things and know how we've gotten
to where we are. And why. WOOF!

On 10-31-20 the time of day that the moon becomes full is 8:49 am, Mountain DST here

in the U.S. Before that time the moon is waxing/becoming bigger. After that time the moon
will be waning/becoming apparently smaller. If you visit the link you can set the daily times
presented to your own local time. It can be a lot of fun to be informed and amaze your friends
and relatives!

link: https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/
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