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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 6,847

Journal Archives

Help Me!!! (in screechy falsetto voice from The Fly) I'm trying to do a reset of my son's WIN 10

puter since we got the Blue Screen Of Death this morning. I'm at the point where the screen will
indicate 88% complete then the monitor will display No Signal while the power light either flashes
or stays on steady. I've shut the thing off and on a few times but come back to what I just described What can I expect now?

Last night around 10pm, 5-16-20, I noticed some unusual activity on my MY POSTS page.

A post I had made between 5 and 6 pm the same day with no further activity except that I put one person who gave me a rude reply on FULL IGNORE suddenly was at the top of that page with a time of 10pm listed as "time of last post to me". But there was no numeral in the left-hand column and when I went to the thread involved there was no reply. Is this just a glitch or what? Anybody have any ideas?

From The BBC/In PIctures 5-16-20: The Night Watch: Will Gompertz reviews the Rijksmuseum's

high tech photo ★★★★★

from the article:

"At 9am on Tuesday the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam posted an image of Rembrandt's The Night Watch (1642) on its website. Nothing particularly unusual about that, you might think. After all, the museum frequently uploads pictures of its masterpieces from Dutch Golden Age. But there was something about this particular photo that made it stand out just like the little girl in a gold dress in Rembrandt's famous group portrait of local civic guardsmen.

The web image presents the painting unframed on a dark grey background. It looks sharp and well-lit but not exceptional in terms of photography.

Until, that is, you click on it, at which point you're zoomed in a bit closer."

much more at link: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52657164?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.com/news/in_pictures&link_location=live-reporting-correspondent

disclaimer: I have many prejudices involving food, beverages, the arts (including fine art, visual art
and music) and more. I suppose this makes me a snob and that is a term I use to ridicule others by using against them. No matter. I accept my failings. But I accept the particular art and the particular artist presented here as The Real Deal and again I'm convinced that a world that contains such art and such artists can not be a bad thing. At all.

From Al Jazeera 5-14-20: "America's Divided Democrats

A look at Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail as they battle for the future of the US Democratic party."

link to article:

I won't produce any text from the article since it's pretty standard historical tripe. But Al Jazeera does
provide a useable comments feature and here is my comment I sent to them:

"I think you're missing the very important fact that tRUMP, the reTHUGS and their cultists are doing
more to formulate Democratic strategy than Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Ya know what I mean?"

People in Montana aren't masking or distancing... My Mom's former caregiver called me this

evening (she lives in Montana) to ask me for some information concerning the request to Social
Security concerning my Mom's death benefit. (Mom died last November)

So when that business was done I asked her how the virus was doing up there and she said nobody's
worried about it at all. I told her, "Well, we don't have to argue about it. Just remember that everyone
who has died because of it so far IS DEAD."

She was also misinformed about the population here, suggesting Q city had millions of people. So I
corrected her by saying more like 700,000 for the greater area. She's definitely one factually challenged person... I shoulda told her the joke about what you call a person who doesn't mask or distance (A: a corpse) but I'm always too slow.

That's what we're up against...

I have a good imagination but it doesn't run to exploring the "what ifs" of tRUMP, reTHUGS

and cultists. I think our reality there is the only thing we could've reasonably expected. However,
I was thinking of arming myself and here's how my internal dialogue went:

Me: I need an effective weapon.

Myself: For offense or defense?

I: Both and it should be legal.

Me: How about a lead-filled copy of The U.S. Constitution?

Myself: Sounds good.

I: I checked with the police department and they said there's no problem with either open or concealed carry.

Me: Let's do it!

And they did it and peace was restored throughout the land.

The End

Computer geeks check in! Just got an update from Microsoft on my son's WIN-10 machine.

This was last night, 5-12-20. This was a long process that included one update for Windows Defender,
one update for the latest Malicious Software Removal Tool and TWO updates for Win 10 version 1909.
I had plenty of time to go back to my own WIN 7 machine to keep with with things there (I'm still getting updates for it even though Microsoft "stopped" their support back in January.) I also had time to wash the car, bring in the dog and put out the cat. Then after the updates for WIN 10 were done and i brought up the browser to return to operation I had to re-start the thing again since Malwarebytes wouldn't run. That fixed it.

But then people who are busy taking care of all this usually aren't telling folks they should inject/drink bleach so there is some good in it all!

Check in, I wanna hear it all...

Update 5-13-20 I don't know what all the update last night did but it sure fixed my son's choked
operation when his cache is full. Working like a charm now with total ease of operation even with a
cache over 1 GB every 12 hours. Sure takes a load offa me!

From The Guardian 5-12-20: Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller - a life in pictures


Enjoy! I admit that the Stiller's are some of my favorite people and I receive nothing but pleasure in saying this...

From CBC/Canada 5-12-20: The Toronto Zoo's arctic wolf pups could be just the balm you

(we) need today...

"CBC News · Posted: May 12, 2020 8:36 AM ET | Last Updated: 2 hours ago
Caretakers at the zoo think there could be as many as eight arctic wolf pups in the den. (Toronto Zoo)

Us humans aren't the only ones longing to get outside these days.

The Toronto Zoo's new arctic wolf pups decided to leave the comfort of their den for the first time this week.

The zoo uploaded a video of the fresh little furballs taking in some sunshine on Monday:

In a release sent out this morning, the zoo said that there could be as many as eight pups in the den.

Since they don't usually emerge from their subterranean sanctuary until they're between eight and 12 weeks old, the zoo can't be sure just how many there are tucked away below the surface.

The zoo says that the arctic wolf is an "ambassador species" for Canada, and that its natural habitat is threatened by climate change and development in the country's far north."

oopsie! video didn't embed so go to link to view...


And, finally, Make Squeee!

Eat and quarantine to beat the virus: From The BBC/Travel 5-12-20... (includes recipes)

from the aritcle:

"A Javanese Dish To Banish The Plague

By Scott Anthony 12 May 2020

According to legend, when the plague came to the city of Yogyakarta on the Indonesian island of Java, the sultan ordered his citizens to cook sayur lodeh and stay home for 49 days. The plague ended. And so began a practice that continues to this day.

Sayur lodeh is a simple vegetable curry made from seven key ingredients and a spicy coconut milk base. Nutritionists that have studied the dish point to the health benefits of additions like galangal, which is thought to have anti-inflammatory qualities. They’ve surmised that such a dish, made from seasonal, easy-to-obtain ingredients, make it perfect for quarantine."

much more, including recipes, at link:


disclaimer: As a child in West Pakistan I learned to enjoy curry and still do. Now I wonder what's
more effective, the curry or the 49-day quarantine? Let's do both!

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