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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 6,847

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Where did that come from, or the power of memory revealed...

So last week my adult autistic/legally blind son and I were out enjoying a meal at Dairy Queen. We had finished eating and I was taking our table trash to the bin which was located behind my son when I heard him make an exclamation. When I turned around I saw that he had knocked over his large soft drink and the mess had gone onto the table, onto the chair where I had been sitting, and on the floor. The words that came out of my mouth were "Smooth move, Ex-Lax!" which is a phrase I learned in grade school back in the 1950s and which I'm sure I haven't thought of or used since then. I'm surprised at this feat of memory and wonder what other discoveries there are yet to make!

Woo Hoo!

After a month posting here I'm just over 400 posts. I don't really know if that's good or not but I'm happy that only one of those posts was rejected! (for justifiable reasons)

Language lesson of the day: Use the word "anecdote"properly

in a sentence: I almost died from an overdose of religion but fortunately the anecdote was
administered in time.

Hat tip to Mineral Man who posted "Knowing I will be chided, I'm going to relate a personal anecdote:"
in the Religion forum. I admit I'm feeling a bit giddy today, probably due to the latest news involving Flynn...

Update with link to BBC story concerning the Bezos divorce and settlement...

The reporting is that MacKenzie Bezos is now the 3d richest woman in the world!


That sure puts my divorce settlements in perspective!


Long-time newbie here...

I started out doing the read-only thing on DU, 'way before registration was required. My thought was to avoid controversy/contention/bickering but I've seen so much of that here over time that it's become normalized for me. I have a strong reliance on facts and sometimes those facts overlap with my opinions and I'll stand up for both facts and opinions.

I'm an old guy and I have lots of experience. That doesn't necessarily translate into wisdom but
survivability should be a clue that I've done a few things right and have been lucky a few times.

From my age 2 to age 6 I was with my parents and sister in West Pakistan, now Pakistan. That was a good experience and taught me a lot about other people, society and religion. During my time there I never felt threatened and have many fond memories.

I like to maintain perspective and a sense of humor helps me do that. My main influence is in
one-on-one contacts. I think the large majority of people in the world are ok or at least neutral. Very few people have the stamina to maintain the high levels of hate we see. That's good and bad but it's a hard fight. Still, it's a worthwhile fight.

While I'm set in my ways, I think they're good ways. At least they work for me and I look forward to hearing what works for others. I've been around the world and 99% of the people I've met I have judged to be good or at least neutral so since we have the majority let's kick ass and take names!

I look forward to my expanded role on the DU website!
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