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Cross post from A&A

For anyone who was watching but couldn't comment in the safe space.

The meaning of privilege

Where do you fall on the spectrum of belief?

Regardless of what our personal feelings are about belief, we all fall somewhere on the line. This is purely voluntary, and is not meant to be a call out, but more informative of the theological makeup of belief and non belief. It is flawed by nature and I'm going to limit it to 5 general options. If you don't feel it covers you please select other and write in what you feel and why.

Lamb sacrifice performed for man days before he was ejected onto freeway sign

The family of a man whose body landed on a freeway sign during a car crash says they performed a lamb sacrifice for him days earlier for protection from harm.

Richard Pananian, 20, of Burbank had been battling serious health issues but overcame them, said his cousin, Armen Kardashian. He would not say what the health issues were.

This time, his family wasn’t taking any chances and was determined to protect him, so they performed a matagh, or offering, on Oct. 25. Matagh is a tradition of the Armenian Church and often used to show appreciation to God for saving a life, asking for good health or for peace for deceased loved ones.


He was driving on southbound on the 5 Freeway just north of California 134 when his Ford Fiesta rear-ended a pickup truck and overturned, said Officer Edgar Figueroa, a California Highway Patrol spokesman. The CHP said Pananian was not wearing a seat belt.


Honestly the lamb part is the least unusual aspect of the story.
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