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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,379

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I knew it had to be something simple/stupid that created this hell we are living through. Obsession.

Fuck face was obsessed with building a tower in Russia and the sanctions ruined his plans. Trump spent years kissing the asses of Russians to make his dream come true. They set him up, Kompromat. Thats why he never says anything bad about Putin. Trump has been obsessed with removing the sanctions that were put in place in 2014 and the ones Obama put in place. Thats why he hates Obama. Thats why he had all these idiots running around trying to set up secret meetings with Russians

I don't know what other countries were involved in putting in place the sanctions, but if you think about, Trump has always been angry with countries like Germany. Trump is all about revenge.

Putin has the goods on Trump and so does Mueller. This is not going to end well for Trump and all the idiots who did his bidding.

We are not debating the 2nd Amendment. We are debating addiction.

The gun addicts and their dealers use the 2nd Amendment as a cover, a weapon. The gun dealers like drug dealers want to sell their product. They believe they should be able to sell whatever weapon they want to. The gun addicts believe they should be able own any type of weapon they choose. They have gone to far.

I am pro gun, what that means to me is, a guy has the right to own a deer rifle so he can go hunting during deer season. Its about having the right to own a shotgun to protect your land, home and to hunt small game. Its about the right of a father to be able to buy his son a 22 rifle on his 13th birthday.

I believe it is self evident that we are losing our freedom when it comes to the gun problem. If we have to arm everyone, turn our schools into fortresses, we are no longer free. We are free when we don't have to arm ourselves.

We banned the automatic function on weapons long ago. I believe its time to ban the semi-automatic function on all weapons. Every bullet must be manually loaded. Bolt action ,lever action ,etc. Limit the size of magazines. Its time to get tough with the addicts and dealers. Their addiction is killing us.

Banning the semi-automatic function does not affect the 2nd Amendment.

You left your bloody bootprints at the crime scene. We got you.

Thats what happened in the movie In Cold Blood. The two idiots who murdered that family quickly admitted their guilt. They turned on each other.

Mueller has the bloody footprints of Trump and his people. Solid evidence, E-mails about the Trump Tower meeting, Trump on video admitting to crimes. Hey Russia, steal Clintons e-mails for me. I fired Comey because of the investigation and much more.

Mueller has charged people with serious crimes and they cut a deal. Mueller is letting them off the hook. That means they are giving Mueller the information he wants.

Trumps tweets, interviews, speeches , are a confession. They are crime scene evidence.

If trump talks to Mueller it will be like the movie, In Cold Blood. Easy conviction.

A lot of people are in denial about the Mueller investigation.

I really don't know how to describe it. It's so fucked up. People know its happening. They know its serious. People have been indicted, pleaded guilty and are spilling their guts out. Mueller is not fucking around. He is the real deal. A lot of people are going to prison.

Trump, his voters, republicans in congress, act like the inevitable will not happen. It's going to happen and they will look like fools. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

People close to Trump should start telling him the truth.

They should tell him his family and he is in great legal jeopardy and the longer he stays in office the more trouble they will be in. The case for obstruction and other crimes keeps on growing. They should tell him to consider resigning before its to late. They should tell him to save the American people and the country from going through an impeachment process. If he resigns Pence can pardon him on federal crimes. He will only have to deal with state crimes.

It will take courage to tell him that and he may not listen, but they should still say it.

The new Clint Eastwood movie, Its called Dirty Teacher.

Clint Eastwood stars as a teacher who packs a 44 magnum. A lunatic storms his classroom with a military assault rifle. The teacher stops writing on the blackboard and draws his 44 magnum. He calmly aims with one hand and shoots the lunatic right between the eyes. He then resumes writing on the blackboard like nothing ever happened.

This movie will convince the American people that arming teachers is a great idea. After all, the American people believe life is just the movies.

I update all the Trump voters I meet or know.

You have to update them because they don't have the ability to figure things out for themselves. It is easy to figure out if someone is a Trump voter. You don't have to ask them directly if they voted for Trump. Simply bring up a current event about Trump and watch their reaction.

Trump voters brains do not work properly so you have to try to help them figure things out.

I have been updating Trump voters for months. I will say things like, Have you heard about the indictments? Did you hear Trump say he would have charged into the school unarmed? Shit like that.

Recently I have seen a slight change in how some of them react when I update them. They look away or down at their feet and don't respond in defense as quickly as they used to.

History warns us, right now history is screaming a warning to all of us.

All of the ingredients are being put in place for an economic disaster. Giant tax cuts for the rich, massive deregulation, trade wars, corruption, incompetence, Horrible leadership.

All the ingredients are being put in place for a world war. Threats instead of diplomacy, Inaction instead of action, Isolationism, authoritarianism, fascism, trade wars, economic problems, incompetent leadership.

None of this is certain, but history is warning us. When you ignore the warnings of history you may perish.

The Democrats in congress must start saying this about the Republican party.

The Republican party no longer wants to serve the American people, They want to rule them. There are many examples they can use to back that up. The democrats must get tougher. The truth is on their side. The republican party no longer believes in democracy and that is a fact. They will ignore an attack on American in order to keep power.

The democrats must attack with great malice. The Republican party has become the biggest threat to our country and the democrats should do something about that. Stop playing politics and defend your country.
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