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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
Number of posts: 4,045

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About "Indictment Fatigue"

I was listening to Allison Gill on some Serius show, and she said she posted a poll (which I've searched for, but can't find) that basically said (I'm paraphrasing):

Do you have "Indictment Fatigue"?


___Fuck No

Am I the only old lady out here crushing hard on Jack Smith right now?

Marc Elias is ANGRY! And I don't blame him

Frost GRILLS Witnesses Over Pentagon Waste

This young man might be my new favorite Congressperson.

My non-binary adult child sent me this link from twitter


But...but...I still have popcorn!

This is how you do it, Sam and Clarence.

We used to have season tickets to our local University's women's basketball games. This was back in the 1990s, and my husband and I would usually go to the games with a friend of ours.

One night after the game the three of us went out to dinner, and were excited to see a handful of the players sitting at a nearby table. In our enthusiasm, we asked our server to let the women know that we would gladly treat them to dinner. Once the message was delivered, one of them--a starter and one of my favorite players--came over to our table. She thanked us for our offer, but declined, as it was against NCAA rules for them to accept such gifts from fans. We were appropriately embarrassed, but these young women were very kind, and chatted with us for a few minutes before we all resumed our evening.

Now, perhaps Sam and Clarence do not have the requisite training in ethics afforded to college basketball players, but I know of a few women who could teach it to them with class and dignity, and who could then kick their asses in some two-on-two.

New Ad: Justice Thomas thinks the rules don't apply to him. He must resign.


STOP cheering about the Colorado Springs election


Yeah, Wayne Williams is a piece of garbage, but Yemi Mobolade might be worse. He is an openly homophobic religious bigot. CS might not be as racist as the rest of the country, but they do LOVE their religious zealots who hate--and I mean HAAAAATE--LGBTQIA+ people.

Read the comments!

That's a LOT of people.

This is from the story on CNN about the shooting in Cleveland, Texas (emphasis added):


Honduras’ foreign minister, Enrique Reina, said on social media, “We demand that the full weight of the law be applied against those who are responsible for this crime,” adding that the Honduran consulate in Houston is making contact with the families of the victims as it learns more about the investigation.

An incomplete list:

Gun manufacturers
Gun dealers
Any legislator who has ever voted against gun control
Most of SCOTUS and a bunch of other judges
And, oh yeah, Francisco Oropeza
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