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Did anyone else notice that when the woman asked Romney about specific tax deductions that he might or might not keep, he STILL would not say? It got kind of glossed over, but she mentioned four specific deductions (education, mortgage, charitable, and one other that I can't remember), and Romney gave a long, rambling answer but still didn't say if he would get rid of those specific deductions.

Election activists blocked from watching printing of Boulder County's ballots


Election activists blocked from watching printing of Boulder County's ballots
County clerk says Aurora facility couldn't accommodate viewing
By Erica Meltzer Camera Staff Writer

The Colorado Secretary of State has signed off on Boulder County's ballot procedures, and a federal judge tossed a lawsuit that aimed to stop the practice of printing identifying numbers on ballots. But Boulder County elections activists are still concerned that Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall's policies could lead to voters' choices being revealed.

Over the weekend, a group of activists went to the private printing facility in Aurora where Boulder County's ballots are printed to inspect the ballots and observe the sorting of the printed ballots. They were denied entrance to the facility, a move that they say raises questions about transparency and accountability.


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