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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
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Someone from Colorado help me out here.

Mike Coffman is at it again, embarrassing our state by his birtherism idiocy. But I seem to remember several Coffman controversies going all the way back to his stint as State treasurer. Can anyone remind me of some of the specifics of some of Coffman's greatest dumbshit hits?

This "story" wouldn't exist were it not for the "threesome".

This story could have said that the man dressed up like a duck and did jumping jacks on his neighbor's roof all night to trigger the heart attack, and it wouldn't have made the papers. But some editor gets the chance to put the word "threesome" into the headline, and it's suddenly big news.

Seriously, a guy has a heart attack during sex and then wins a medical malpractice suit...and it makes the papers? Only because of the number of people in the room (or I guess--in the bed) when it happened.

Hell, I bet most guys who read this probably couldn't even tell you what the story was about..."Uh...some...something...happened to some guy...uh...when he was having sex with TWO chicks!" "Really?! Right on!"

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