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Boston Globe endorses Warren

"Boston Globe Endorses 2020 Democrat It Previously Urged Not To Run"

The Boston Globe performed an astonishing U-turn on Wednesday when it officially endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) run for president.

The newspaper’s editorial board declared Warren to be “the best choice for Democrats,” hailing her track record and “tenacity to defend the principles of democracy, bring fairness to an economy that is excluding too many Americans, and advance a progressive agenda.”

But, only in December 2018, the Globe’s editorial board poured scorn on a potential bid by its home state senator.



President and VP don't necessarily have to be from different states.

Snopes has an excellent article about this, describing what the real rules are, and why people believe this is true:


The rule is that electors can't cast votes for two candidates from their own (the elector's) state. The Snopes article concludes with this...

But if the election were very close, or if both candidates came from a state with a large number of electoral votes (such as California or New York), the same-state electoral voting restriction could result in the aforementioned possibility of an election’s producing a president and a vice-president from different parties, so U.S. political parties typically avoid nominating tickets featuring candidates from the same state (even though they are not constitutionally required to do so).

I don't really think that Bloomberg would choose Hillary for a running mate, but there is nothing in the rules (either Article II or the twelfth Amendment) that would prevent him from doing so.

Georgia race devolves into nasty GOP fight amid fears it could cost Senate majority

Source: CNN

Republican Rep. Doug Collins' Senate campaign in Georgia has prompted a raging intraparty fight leading to the departure of some of his top political advisers and recriminations with the Senate GOP's main campaign arm.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is accusing Collins of running against Sen. Kelly Loeffler, a Republican incumbent appointed by the governor, out of his own "selfish" interests -- while raising alarms that the bid has jeopardized the party's chances to hold onto two GOP seats and made it harder for President Donald Trump to carry the Peach State in the fall.

The spat has squeezed Trump between Senate GOP leaders who have closed ranks behind Loeffler and Collins' allies who argue that the Georgia congressman helped lead the fight against the President's impeachment in the House and would be a loyal warrior for Trump in the Senate.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/12/politics/georgia-senate-gop-race/index.html

Here are some flames we should fan

I had to mark this one NSFW because there are some clips of Trump.

I think that whichever Dem wins in November...

needs to give the Medal of Freedom to Colonel Vindman! (And maybe one to his brother, too. Just for giggles.)

Federal judge reverses convictions of border humanitarian aid volunteers

Source: Daily Kos


The Tucson Sentinel reports that Natalie Hoffman, Oona Holcomb, Madeline Huse, and Zaachila Orozco-McCormick had been found guilty of federal misdemeanors early last year for their work leaving water and other lifesaving supplies in the searing desert, Hoffman “for operating a motor vehicle in a wilderness area and entering a national refuge without a permit while Holcomb, Huse, and Orozco-McCormick were found guilty of entering without a permit and abandonment of property.”

But in her ruling this week, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Márquez wrote, “Defendants argue that those actions, taken with the avowed goal of mitigating death and suffering, were sincere exercises of religion and that their prosecution is barred by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” According to the court document, all four are affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church. Márquez’s ruling, noting the thousands of sets of human remains that have been found in Arizona during the past two decades, further castigated the government for “gruesome logic.”


Read more: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/2/4/1916528/-Federal-judge-reverses-convictions-of-border-humanitarian-aid-volunteers?detail=emaildkre

I love this judge. "Gruesome logic" indeed.

I also love that they're using the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" to defend themselves. Makes sense.

I just sent this to Cory Gardner.

He's my senator, ugh. Can't wait to get rid of him. Andrew Romanoff will be SO much better.

Your response to my previous message claims that you intend to be an "impartial juror." If that is truly the case, then I have one question:

How would you and your republican colleagues be voting if Obama had done what Trump did?

And if you try to tell me that you wouldn't be removing him as fast as you possibly can, you're lying. In fact, if Obama had done this I, too, would want him removed. But Obama has dignity, ethics, and integrity. Trump only has a bunch of sycophants like you to cover up his dirty deeds.

Oh, how I wish you would truly be an impartial juror. But I'm not holding my breath.

I know he won't care, but I have to say something just for my own sanity.

Is this a weird theory?

I'm as angry as everyone about what the Senate is doing, but I have a weird theory about a silver lining:

I think Joe Biden is now inoculated against almost any dirt that the orange menace and his Magats could throw at him. We know they are willing to pay anyone to make up any dirt to throw Biden's way, and all we have to say is "yeah, well it was obviously manufactured by Dump and the Russians who obviously paid some other country to put it out there, and have it wind up on the web so that the magats could lap it up."

Anyone who is undecided about this scandal (hard to imagine, but...) can be easily persuaded that it is just another one of the whitehouse's schemes to dirty up Biden. And any magat never needed a scandal to persuade them in the first place. No other candidate--not even my favorite, Warren--has this kind of protection.

Curious if anyone agrees.

On edit: Just to clarify, I don't really think there is any "dirt" out there on Biden. He's been in politics so long I think his life is pretty much an open book. But assuming that Dump and his criminal buds wanted to manufacture something (not that they would EVER do anything like that ) It will be trivial to discount it as what it is: made up dirt.
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