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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2008, 04:03 PM
Number of posts: 5,799

Journal Archives

Clearly Trump isn't bright enough ...

to know what documents to steal and which to return, while keeping others. This was clearly done to lilne his pockets and/or cover his enormous debts, so the docs had to have high value. Someone who understood what was what had to have selected them. *General* Flynn, looking at you.

Zelensky has upgraded his iron balls

To hardened tungsten ones. He visited the troops in the salient in the eastern part of the country, where the heaviest fighting is occurring. Slava Ukraini, indeed!


Rossiya-24 has been down for several hours

24/7 News/propaganda - Russia's Fox. Curiouser and curiouser. Also reports of oddball radio broadcasts. Anonymous or other hackers????? Who knows, and the Russians aren't talking.


A very good analysis of why we aren't told everything by the Ukrainian MOD

Just assume there is a LOT more going on than what we are hearing about, and further, a LOT of what we are hearing from NATO is disinformation and distraction away from what they are really doing and providing.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malar informs:
☑️ Why can't you publicly speak or write about the fact that Ukraine is negotiating with someone about the supply of military equipment, weapons, ammunition and whatever for the Armed Forces?
Because the Russian Federation is doing its best to terminate the contracts.
☑️ why can't we talk about the fact that during the war deliveries have already taken place and we have something new?
Because the enemy immediately corrects his actions under new data.
☑️Why can't you call accurate addresses and recognizable descriptions of objects in which missiles were fired or missiles were missed - you all already know - because this is fixing fire for the enemy.
☑️why can't you publicly teach military objects (hospital is too, by the way, a military object), whereabouts of weapons, military equipment, personal warehouse?
Because the likelihood of the object being destroyed by the enemy increases dozens of times.
☑️why don't you have to publicly make fact checking statements and publications of security agencies and intelligence services during the war?
Cause this is a war. Believe that these statements pass a lot of foreign filters and if they are published, then it is necessary for the defense of the state. After victory - there will be inspiration, you'll understand.
☑️why don't you have to publicly and publicly doubt the decisions and information of the zsu? [Air defense]
Because zsu is the most informed about the situation on the front. And if you don't understand the decision, then you just don't know everything. Besides, military decisions cannot be made under the influence of public opinion - because they are professional decisions, it's just like in surgery.

Meanwhile in Russia

In Nizhnekamsk, Russia, workers at the Hemont plant staged a spontaneous strike.

Two oligarchs have spoken publicly agasint the war

This is not a good sign for Putin. Guaranteed a lot more are talking privately

Per Kyiv Independent:

"In his Telegram channel, industrial tycoon Oleg Deripaska wrote that peace talks between Russia and Ukraine must begin “as soon as possible!” Prior, Lviv-born Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman called Russia’s war “a tragedy.”

Putin's days are numbered and he knows it. His increasingly desparate actions will only result in a quicker realization by the people in Russia, especially the ones with money and guns, that he has to go. Sooner, rather than later

I have a feeling Putin's days are numbered

This war is not off to a good start. It was stupid to begin with, and there certainly was not a uniform agreement that Ukraine is a threat. The generals and oligarchs are likely to be unhappy now, and will be progressively less entertained if Putin's Folly doesn't play out in their favor soon.

1 - It will take Russia years to decades to recover politically, socially and economically from this. They've been shamed and isolated now, and this will set the country back enormously.
2 - The oligarchs are losing money, big time. They won't like that. At all. And they know that Putin has a LOT of money. They will be more than happy to take it from him to make up for their losses.
3 - Military leaders care about honor. Even Russian ones. They aren't stupid, their honor is being crushed by invading Ukraine at all.
4 - If they are unable to achieve a clear military victory, then it shows their military as weak. This will also piss off the Russian military leadership. And let's face it, Ukraine is not going to roll over. There will be guerilla war forever, even if the Russians possibly win in the short run.
5 - The public is already protesting and this will likely only get worse. Many of them have relatives in Ukraine. Few will consider Ukraine as an enemy.

At some point, the military and the oligarchs are going to realize that Putin is a more of a liability to them than a benefit, on a personal level. Russia's history is filled with leaders being overthrown and blamed for all the ills that were in place. The generals and oligarchs will see at some point, if they haven't already, that their best bet is to eliminate him, blame it all on him, hand some of Putin's wealth to Ukraine as reparations, give up as much info as they dare to on Putin's screwing around with the West, as a part of trying to save face and get the sanctions removed. Putin is only as powerful as the guy holding the guns for him. That guy decides not to, it's over. No elections, no SCOTUS, no court battles.

I know this is possibly a pipe dream, but I have a feeling this is about to all come to a head. Maybe a head on a pike. Maybe sooner than anyone thinks.

Thank you again for the hearts!!

Such a cool place to hang out!!

To whomever sent me the heart ... thank you!!!

Happy Everything, DU friends!

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