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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2008, 04:03 PM
Number of posts: 5,799

Journal Archives

Sad to watch my friends sink to such depths of despair ...

I have many friends who are Sanders supporters, and I won't argue or even engage with them on the topic, because some (not all) are so wrapped up in the personality cult aspects of the "Revolution". Many seem to have completely lost their bearings, and are spewing out GOP talking points and videos and links to Russian articles, etc. and just generally sounding like the Trumpanzees they claim to despise. It's so sad. I can't say anything to them, as that won't accomplish anything but being attacked or being disowned.

They can't seem to understand the difference between allies with different ways of approaching the problem and mortal enemies. They act like no one has ever lost an election before. I didn't act like that when Liz dropped out, and I haven't seen other friends and acquaintances who supported Buttegieg and Klobuchar or Warren act like that.

They really can't see that one of the biggest problems facing Sanders' attempts are based on Sanders' and their own actions. They don't get that they are the ones driving everyone away from their rigid positions. For many, especially Warren supporters, it's not the policies, nor the messages, but the messenger that we oppose. As a long time leader of teams and organizations large and small, I could go on at some length about how Sanders approach to leadership can never work, and how his selection of people around him demonstrates poor judgement, and how most people don't want a "revolution", we want progress and healing. But they don't listen, no matter how carefully phrased.

It will take a team of hard-working, dedicated and intelligent people from all walks of life to solve these issues, and alienating everyone, right to the edge (and sometimes over) of sexist, age-ist and racist remarks, by people who I know are not normally like that, won't accomplish that. The one-person-knows-all approach is failing us right before our eyes in DC, and they seem bent on replacing that with their form, regardless of the wishes of the majority of the people in the party and in the country. "Democracy? Vote? We don't need that, you all are too stupid to know what's good for you!" No matter how they phrase it, that's what they are saying, and it's infuriating. But I bite my tongue and wait for the results of the elections.

I'll be so glad when this primary is over.

GOP voting booth tactics

This from someone in rural rural northern California:

"4th election in a row our polling workers, all old, MAGA demographics folks, tried screwing with our ballots. Putting our standard ballots into the provisional ballot box, trying to say my wife and son weren't registered, etc.

Yesterday, they gave my wife a Republican ballot, we're registered Democrats and Ca has closed primaries. She didn't notice, except that Trump was on her ballot and her choice wasn't. So she wrote them in. She mentioned it when we got to the car. We already had our sample ballots filled out and she said the ballot wasn't the same. I realized what happened and we went back and fixed it."

They will cheat at every opportunity

The dynamics of the race are changing fast. Negativity will not work

News that Sanders is preparing a round of attack ads on Biden will backfire. So far in this cycle, going negative has not worked well at all. When HRC make comments about Sanders, his numbers bumped up each time. When Liz went negative in the debates, her numbers dropped. When Pete went after Amy after Iowa, it was roundly criticized and his position in the race dropped back. There are many more examples. People are sick of this garbage, we get it every day from Trump, and most will not tolerate it from a Democratic nominee - especially attacking an ally. Save it for the real enemies: Trump, Moscow Mitch and the Russian/GOP/NRA cabal. Biden does not have the strong negatives of HRC, and is widely viewed as a nice and fair gentleman. Attacks by Sanders on Biden are strongly discouraged by this observer.

Sanders has plateaued at 30%-ish, and cannot easily win the other 70% unless he changes the character of his campaign, which is highly improbable, since it would require a change in Sanders' personal character, and the removal of several key aides. In 2016, it was at this point, in early March as things starting heading south for the campaign, that Sanders went full-on scorched Earth. It was an amateur move, damaged his credibility then, and will destroy his slim chances when he does it now. I see no path for him to gain the 50%+1 that will be required to win the nomination.

Bloomberg is out now, and without him in the race, coupled with early voting already in, Biden would likely have won CA last night, also.

I've supported Warren since 2012, and love her, and only changed to Biden late last night. I wish she was viable, but it appears that the glass ceiling applies with progressive candidates as surely as it does in the other lanes. Shocking to me, really. Liz is going to get out soon. She had one narrow path, which required winning MA, and finishing at least second in CA and TX. Whether she thinks she can go on depends on her belief that this will be a contested convention. It won't be, mark my words. She will support Biden, perhaps a bit reluctantly, and will, quite rightly, continue to push for big, bold change. As is shown by the many people here who have moved from Warren to Biden already, most of Warren's supporters are going to go there. Of course, some will go Sanders' way, but the majority, IMO, don't really much like Sanders in the first place (or they'd already have picked him, and/or were former HRC supporters who want to see a woman in the White House) or, and an even bigger incentive, want her to have a seat at the table to get her agenda inserted into the government. We are not called "pragmatic progressives" for nothing - as they say, 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

The demeanor in the various speeches last night says it all. Watch the body language. The tide has turned.

Biden is not the timid, confused person that only wants status quo, that he is being portrayed as. That's all bullshit. He is smart, seasoned, and will hire the absolute best people to get the jobs done, and he WILL listen, compromise and work with whatever coalitions he can put together to find real solutions to our problems. He absolutely does not believe he is some sort of "stable genius", and instead has a genuine humility that will score major points around the world. I truly do believe that, even if he wasn't my first choice in this campaign. He's already made that clear with his comments to Beto, Amy and Pete (Beto in charge of gun policy!! YES!!)

Thank you to the huge crowds that turned out everywhere last night, to show us the "will of the people". And a special THANK YOU to the black community in particular, who refused to get pulled into the divisiveness and pettiness of the race, and made crystal clear who needs to be the candidate for the Democratic Party, so that we can beat Trump, keep the House, and hopefully, take back the Senate and a bunch of state-level races.

FIRED UP???????

So this SEC letter isn't good

Individuals exceeding limits and foreign campaign contributions cited. It's only 510 pages long


My "official" endorsement on my social media pages

As if anyone really cares about such things, I wrote this today:

I have avoided expressing my political preferences very much in the primary so far, for two main reasons: 1 - Supporting candidate A doesn't require dissing candidate B, and all too often, that's how these discussions end. We are all allies and need to act as such. I am proud of the huge depth of potential candidates the Democratic Party has offered up, and all would be superior to the crackpot that currently resides in the WH. Full disclosure: I have donated substantially to all of the major candidates. 2 - I think the primary processes are too long and byzantine, and leads to 24/7/365 campaigns for office, which IMO, does not help in governing the country in the least.

I do, however, think it is time for the field to tighten up and defragment.

To that end, I am asking everyone to read my little essay, especially all my many friends in California (since a plurality of them live there and Super Tuesday is coming fast) and to seriously consider Elizabeth Warren for your vote. I have gone back and forth and have debated the merits of all of them, and truly believe she is the best candidate for the office of President that we have had in a long time. As a political junkie and activist since 1976, I feel qualified to make this observation. I actually wanted her to run in 2015 before she opted out. Please also refer to her website, and her bio articles. I endorse Elizabeth Warren for the following reasons:

1 - Liz has a long record of successfully fighting corruption, starting with her fighting unfair bankruptcy laws, resulting in the laws restricting the ability of corporations to force individuals into bankruptcy. She helped create and run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She fought strongly for more stringent banking regulations after the 2008 crash. One of her main themes of her Presidential run is to remove the corruption that permeates Washington - once and for all! She has made it clear she WILL hold law-breakers in the government accountable for their actions, and will pursue criminal and civil charges as required. Her considered, rational and devastating take-down of Mike Bloomberg in the last debate shows she will not flinch when it comes to calling out Donald Trump, in public, during the General Election campaign.

2 - She is a strongly Pragmatic Progressive, who wants to tax the wealthy on their fortunes to fund the massive structural improvements in climate change, universal health care, education, child care, consumer protection, voting rights, labor laws and other items on her agenda that she proposes. She understands and advocates common sense, shared, team approaches to problem solving and has repeatedly proven herself as a leader who can be trusted to listen to the experts, as well as the layman, and make the right decisions. She doesn't believe that government should control everything, just regulate and tax corporations and the wealthy appropriately, so that the economy can work for everyone fairly. She believes in science!! Wouldn't that be a nice change?

3 - Liz is one of most intelligent people to have ever run for President, having taught law at various Universities including bankruptcy and contract law at Harvard University, and has written five books, coauthored a number of others, as well as authored many articles. She will appoint intelligent and fair judges to the Supreme Court and lower courts.

4 - She has extensive experience in foreign affairs, having served on the Committee on Armed Services, and travelled to Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. This article from CNN outlines her positions rather well: https: //www.cnn.com/2020/01/10/politics/elizabeth-warren-foreign-policy/index.html (link broken on purpose, just remove the space after https. She supports our Veterans and wants to put in place rational, multilateral and multi-national solutions to terror and international conflict.

5 -She has a goal of reducing domestic gun violence by 80% by removing the NRAs ability to block legislation and put in place gun buyback programs, as well as funding research into the root causes of gun violence that has been stymied by the GOP for decades. She also supports common sense laws that aim to reduce gun deaths, much as previous era leaders reduced automotive deaths.

6 - She is the most well-positioned to be able to unify the various wings of the Democratic Party and lead us to the victory we all need, not only in the race for the Presidency, but in the down-ticket races for the Senate, which we MUST retake and in the House of Representatives, which we must not lose.

7 - While I am not one who cares much about endorsement, she has them from Julian Castro, the Working Families Party, Alicia Garza - the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Robert Reich, countless current and former politicians and celebrities, and a wide variety of media outlets.

So, please join me in supporting Elizabeth Warren. I have spent a lot of effort analyzing all of the candidates, and truly believe she provides the best and most balanced approaches to solving our country's and the world's many crises, and will be able to put together the most effective coalitions, both nationally and internationally, to combat climate change, massive wealth inequality and never-ending wars. In my opinion, she has the experience, temperament, broadly-based appeal and the detailed plans required to lead us in the post-Trump mess we will find ourselves in come Jan 20, 2021.

She details these plans and many others on her website, https://elizabethwarren.com/ (just bypass the donation page, for now, but if you want to support her financially, please join us!)


My personal take

More or less in order

Great (but all very close)



And I expect others to disagree, even my wife does, lol

To any and all

Thank you for the hearts!!

The Iowa caucus is not winner take all

There is no "winner" per se, as the delegates are awarded proportionately.

If this was a marathon race, the best one could say is that Sanders and Buttegieg are nose to nose, leading the pack, with Warren close behind and Biden right on her heels. Also, if this was a marathon, we wouldn't have even passed the first half mile mark, yet. As a distance runner I can tell you, they would barely have worked up a sweat yet.

So, relax, the start was bad, the officiating sucked, but the relative positions of the contenders at this point won't change the end results much, if any at all. The hoped for prime-time victory speeches were missed, but in reality, don't mean much. The delegate counts will likely remain very close to the same in any recount.

No matter who your candidate is, over 70% of the Democrats in Iowa CHOSE SOMEONE ELSE. This is true in almost all national polls. Quit freaking out, no one's "surging" ahead, that's all media and campaign hype.

Let the process play out, stay focused on the end goal (taking back our country from the morons), and most of all, take a deep breath and let the numbers get checked and rechecked and otherwise, let it go.

Updating from Undecided to Warren

I know this will matter to exactly no one, but after a lot of consideration, I am going to back Warren.

Why? Well, she's always been my first choice by a slight margin, and I was trying to help get her to run in 2015 before she opted out. She has good ideas, is a team player, isn't so hung up on purity that won't she amend her ideas to meet the larger base of Americans who may or may not want everything thrown at them at once, but knows to stick to the big picture over the long term. That's leadership. She's intelligent, funny, and can excite her audience. She'll be able to play Trump like a fiddle in a debate, and laugh about (and, most importantly, at) him in a debate or campaign. That's charisma. She has a positive message, even if she goes a bit too negative once in awhile for my tastes.

All of the candidates bring good points and bad points to the table, and I've kept a sorta running score card of gaffes, attacks against allies (very important criteria to me), poor choices of words, staff and endorsements, as well as tings like ability to adjust and compromise with allies and to utter unpopular truths. She is currently leading with that scorecard.

While I am solidly in the vote blue, no matter who category, I've said for some time that I don't want any more old, white farts running the show - and I am an old, white fart. WE have fucked it up enough for one generation. Of course, I've felt that way since supporting Jesse in the 80s, but I digress. Pete had me going for a while, but as much as I like him, his time isn't now. He needs a cabinet position and some better exposure and experience. We will see more of him in the future. I like Amy, too, but I'm not sure she has enough grass-roots appeal nationwide to win the nomination. Again, I think we'll be seeing more of her in the future. Steyer has surprised me, I didn't expect him to resonate with me. However, I'm not convinced enough to support him. Yang has some interesting ideas, and some, well, not-so-much, and is improving, but I can't see him as President. Bloomberg needs to buy Fox News, but I welcome his pounding Trump constantly. It frees up more viable candidates' resources , while weakening the bad guys. But not President, thanks.

I'll leave opponent bashing to others, IMO, that's why Democrats have such a hard time winning elections: they give the GOP a ton of ammunition and cause divisive, hard feelings between supporters of different ALLIED camps. Goppers are used to following orders, and will fall in line no matter what. This is dangerous and destructive behavior. What I prefer is an open, calm, rational discussion, with all the facts and science laid out on the table. Then work together to find a solution to our problems. NO one has all the answers, and only through listening to each other can we find solutions to the critical problems we have in this world today. A true natural leader would emerge from such a discussion. There are more sane people in this country than we are led to believe, and the vast majority of them aren't really paying attention to all of this. Remember that the news networks combined only have audiences in the single digits, our fighting each other lets them drive the narrative, not us.

Anyway, that's my $0.02, for what it's worth.

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