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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2008, 04:03 PM
Number of posts: 5,806

Journal Archives

201,083 new cases

1951 dead. Per Worldometer

MAGA baby

Got a text from Loeffler today

"Directly from Kelly Loeffler", lol

Guess my nasty-grams to Loeffler makes them think I am somehow a GA Gopper. Asked for help to prevent the "last chance for Dem's to take back the Senate" by giving them money. 6X match!! oooooo

I hope they enjoyed my answer: "Never contact me again, treasonous criminal"

This is Apocalyse Now in real time

The cult is surrounding Kurtz/Trump, while they destroy evidence.

The horror



Just saw my first Warnock runoff ad

Going to be a wild ride!

Remember, as frustrated and stressed as we are ...

We are winning! The other side is not ... and will not. They are angry and crazy. Be careful out there.

I've already removed signs from my yard, and recommend you do the same. When this is called, the nutcases are going to get very vocal and possibly dangerous for a little while, right before they crawl back into their holes.

The first sign of trouble I saw yesterday ....

When the leading topic in exit polling was "Strong leader".

Far too many of our country believes that bullying, screaming and violence equates to "strength". A large percentage of those call themselves "Christian", even though that faith makes it clear that this is not strength.

The GOP has spent decades and billions reinforcing these stereotypes, and Trump is but a symptom of the larger disease. We see it everywhere, from our selections of sports and movies, to our selections of leaders ... even when we know it is agasint our own interests.

The question now is, even with Biden as President, how do we change that?

I feel so sorry for Don Jr


Worst moderator ever

She';s making the others look great. At least they tried to stand up to Trump, she's just foling

Person. Taxes. Man. Evasion. Prison.

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