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berniesandersmittens's Journal
berniesandersmittens's Journal
April 30, 2019

This is my new favorite singer.

There's just somethingI've so unique and artistic about this dude. I think I'm crushing.

April 29, 2019

Got some very interesting family DNA results: Updated

My little sister bought a DNA kit for my grandmother recently.

She has always told us that her grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. All of her siblings have believed the same.

Turns out there is no trace of native american.

There is however...2% middle eastern.

This is awesome because my grandma is the Fox-aholic who sits on the couch and repeats all the racist crap that she hears.

Her reaction was complete and total shock. She got on her iPad and started looking at maps of the region. Her whole demeanor has changed! It's amazing to witness this transformation.

There's still hope for hearts that carry hate. I swear it feels like a ton of weight has been lifted from my family now. Completely different environment in her house!

Update: Some of my grandmother's siblings say there used to be rumors that their grandmother was a Syrian immigrant who pretended to be Cherokee. (Possibily to hide from racism)

I know the test could be wrong but the coincidence is just amazing and almost poetic in irony.

New life adventures are freaking awesome! Thank you all for going down the rabbit hole with me this past year. I hope I'm not driving everyone nuts with my obsessive posting lately.

April 28, 2019

You ever ask yourself where the last twenty years went?

I did nothing but work and be mom for so long. A retired embalmer/funeral director, I felt like i was making a difference when families lost loved ones.

Now that I'm "retired" I'm a bit lost.

I look back and I honestly don't know how I managed such an incredibly difficult career and be a single mom doing it.

It's almost like it was another lifetime.

Twenty years spent never slowing down.

Tonight I'm having a few glasses of wine and reflecting... I really need a hobby.

April 9, 2019

Can anyone help me find my sig gif? Edit: THANK U!!!

It is a stickman that crawls out of a line and waves, then the line spells out "hello"

Ive had him for over ten years and I accidentally deleted him! I can't remember where I got him from.

PS: if anyone finds him I promise to give you a heart next Feb

The reason I love my stickman is because he just drops out of no where to say hi. He says hi, he waves, and then he turns into written word. Ironic because he's so freaking hard to explain when I search for him.

UPDATE: He's back! Thank you all for looking!!! I has happy and can sleep tonight!

April 4, 2019

Fireside Pitstop

Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in and see how my fellow loners are doing.

I like to think of us as a group of wanderers or nomads. Each on a journey of our own, but stopping by the campfire every now and then to tell stories of our travels.

As I add a log to the fire and the sparks dance off into the night, i'm gonna pull up a folding chair and reflect.

Ive finished physical therapy recently and am recovering well from my accident. Insurance companies are a pain and I'm not entirely convinced that they weren't stalking me for a little while ..
Hopefully they will settle soon and I can get another car, even though I really don't like driving anymore.

Golden rods, red buds, and dog woods are in full bloom here in the sticks. It's a beautiful display and as it rains I wish it would wash the stain out of the white house. (Collective sigh goes here)

I'd like to hear some of your adventures from this year if anyone would like to share. I long for the ocean. I wish I could hike the trails and do some kayaking. Such a dreamer's toil...

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