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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

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Disgusting people. Here's an article about Susan Block being driven to resign from a board:

Ohio Arts Council board member Susan Allan Block resigns after inflammatory comments''

Ohio Arts Council board member Susan Allan Block resigned Friday after social media comments surfaced in which she referred to the vice president-elect Kamala Harris as a "whore" and called for "no peace" during the U.S. Capitol riots on Wednesday.

DeWine announced Block's resignation early Friday afternoon without further comment. On Thursday, his spokeswoman had denounced the comments.

Block, of Toledo, was first appointed to the unpaid council, which allocates state and federal money to Ohio artists and arts organizations, in 2016 by then-Gov. John Kasich. She was reappointed by DeWine in July 2019 for a term that expires in 2024. DeWine, a Republican, supported Trump's re-election.

Ohio artists, art organizations and museums called for Block's resignation or removal.


"For all we know, it was filled with cans of spray paint."

My brother in law was a cop, and in a situation like that they don't have time to play guessing games. Especially if your verbal commands are ignored and that person is moving in your direction.

But it's good to ask questions. I don't see anything wrong with what you're asking. I have questions too.

What people are/were saying is that she suddenly came through a

broken window with a duffel bag, surprising the officers (who had no idea what her intentions were or what the duffel bag was), but I'm not sure now because I've heard different stories. I've subsequently heard they repeatedly issued verbal warnings which were ignored.

It happens very fast. Not that you'd want to see it but if you do there's video floating around. You can see how hard it is to tell what happens at the very beginning of the incident.

Yeah, I admit I got this one dead wrong.

The more I read about her, the less sympathy I have for her.

Also, some of the eyewitness reports circulating earlier in the day were not completely correct.

She wasn't an innocent "girl" shoved through the broken window with a duffel bag. She was about 34 years old and she was there because she wanted to be and was all in for Trump, and an obnoxious scumbag with a rap sheet.

Same here. I really got this one wrong.

The more I learn about her, any shred of sympathy I had vanished.

The first two eye witness statements I read turned out to be wrong (or at least not the complete story).

But I never thought the shooting was unjustified. What were the police supposed to do?

Ron Johnson: Foley and Lardner. They are just in the news today

on another thread. One of their lawyers "resigned" (or was shown the door) for being on the phone call with Trump.

Cleta Mitchell Out At Foley & Lardner After Troubling Donald Trump Call


Heh. Small world.

I don't understand people like her either, but there sure are a lot of them.

People who have enough money to live comfortably, or much more than just enough to live comfortably, who constantly need and want more--I've never understood it. Instead of just enjoying their good fortune and comfort in life, and maybe doing some good for others, they actually expend a ton of energy generating hatred and anxiety in other people, just to acquire more and more.

Some of those people have a "grand vision" of how they want the country or the planet to be that they are trying to implement (like the Christian Nationalists/Accelerationists/Racists), but Loeffler doesn't strike me as a "visionary."

As damning as it was, I even had a sinking feeling when CNN on Sunday

played huge uninterrupted segments of the phone call--mostly Trump delivering his monologue. Over a period of five or six hours they played it over and over again, thankfully punctuated with interviews with people like Carl Bernstein and David Gergen.

(In Surviving Autocracy Masha Gessen argues that it's almost impossible for news organizations not to inadvertently normalize or legitimize someone like Trump because there's no "good way" to cover somebody like this. Even fact checking isn't really all that helpful. I know that CNN and MSNBC and especially the Washington Post are trying to do this right and, IMO, more often than not doing it pretty well.)

But you're thinking like a normal human being living in a functioning Democracy.

For Pence's public and political future, he must abandon Trump.

Pence is thinking, "For my political future, I must not be seen as abandoning Trump."

Maybe this explains the "confusion" this morning over Grassley possibly presiding.

This might be a staged event, where Pence makes a scene and Grassley steps in (but totally set up in advance) so that Pence doesn't disappoint Trump, but the job gets done. So that Pence can walk away with the appearance he stood up for Trump and not incur the wrath of the Trump fanatics.

Pence relinquishes his responsibilities "on principle" and Grassley does the dirty work.
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