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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

Journal Archives

You are right about them selling their souls.

But the Christian Nationalism problem will persist because they have amassed significant power and are well funded, even as the number of followers drops. They put immense pressure on their congregants to vote, even to the degree that they embarrass the ones who don't vote. Two books I absolutely recommend for anyone interested in this:

Katherine Stewart, The Power Worshippers
Sarah Posner, Unholy

I still can't believe that happened.

It was so Jacob Wohlish.

Somebody should do a welfare check on Donny Deutsch. As the #1 purveyor of Giuliani's downfall, I'm worried he might have laughed himself to death watching that.

Yes, exactly.

And that's the most frustrating thing for normal people to understand about Trump: He's incapable of understanding that.

He will go to his grave not understanding what he did wrong, not just about the virus but about everything, from the Syria pull-out to the "perfect phone call" to the virus.

Nobody thinks they are going to die off, but

the decisions they make, individually and collectively, over the next few months or years will determine where they end up. Generally, they are surprisingly self-destructive unless they have leadership to direct their energy. They are going to go back to belonging to fragmented movements or back to being disgruntled and insecure loners.

I found this poll very difficult

Essential workers and Dr. Fauci absolutely deserve mammoth recognition.

I chose Biden because he is a symbol of America's fight to reclaim its original dream. He made this campaign about restoring the Soul of America, and demonstrating that Trump was an aberration. We can argue about whether or not Trump is an aberration, but I do believe Biden's victory is symbolically an enormous demonstration to ourselves and the world that Americans retain these essential values and aspirations.

(I wonder if Biden AND Kamala Harris together could both be considered?)

But if Essential Workers (especially including medical professionals) or Dr. Fauci are named Person of the Year, I'll absolutely rejoice. They deserve it, beyond any question.

The plot sounds fairly elaborate.

Who printed the fake ballots in the first place?

How many ballots?

Were they convincing enough that in different circumstances they could have passed through the pre-count screening and even possibly the scanners?

I won't rest until we know more about the sophistication of this endeavor.

Could something similar have happened elsewhere and gone undetected?

It's these lone wolves I worry about, more than I worry about the Oath Keepers

or the Proud Boys or Whatshisface Bundy trying to start a Civil War.

I really want this to be the case

There are demographic reasons to hope this will pan out. I'm crossing my fingers that another "strongman" (charismatic populist) doesn't arrive on the scene in the next four to eight years so that we don't develop the issues that some European countries are facing, where it's becoming more difficult to beat these people back into the fringes of society. There are individuals who, for whatever psychiatric reason, seek out demagogues.

All things considered, I think you are making a strong case. Trump's fans skew older and I don't know if another charismatic populist will appear soon enough to capitalize on that demographic. The younger people who prefer autocracy to democracy is a concern. I don't know where they will go next. The number of Christian Nationalists, we are told, is shrinking. But that entity remains global, powerful, more politically-well connected than ever, and incredibly well financed. I'm perhaps more concerned about them than I ought to be.

Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

Agreed. This is too delicious to rush.

Thank you. It's crucial that people understand the modern origin of

that term and that it derives from the final year of WW2 as Germany dispensed with any and all norms, and actually issued a "Nero Decree" to destroy even Germany.

White supremacist groups absolutely know the meaning of "Total War."

Was it a signal?
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