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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

Journal Archives

I still love the country, but I despise that 40% of my fellow Americans

don't understand the fundamental principles of our founding, and are ready to give up democracy because they don't really understand why they suffer and have been told to blame progressive policies.

It comes down to: how much compassion can one have for people who are severely ignorant and gullible?

Exactly. I didn't understand how the interests of the Alt-Right and Christian

Nationalists intersected until I read The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart and Unholy by Sara Posner.

This is something we cannot ignore any longer. Although, I am not sure how we fight it. It is global and extremely well funded.

I'm on the same wavelength. It's very hard to accept what is becoming too obvious to

ignore. A huge segment of our population would accept authoritarian dictatorship and has had enough of democracy. People here will say, "We knew that," but in fairness I didn't know the number of them was so great.

This is going to be the conflict of our times. Hyperpartisan populism is on the upswing in Europe too.

It's almost unspeakable: people are rejecting Democracy. They want a strongman to tell them what to do and make every problem go away.

How come the lying never went in the opposite direction?

I live in an area where people voting for Biden would be ashamed or afraid to admit it because it is so red.

What about those adjusted polls that showed even if the polls were off as much as they were in 2016 Biden would still have a huge win?

I'm just asking. Because I'm having trouble believing the "everyone lied to pollsters in exactly the same percentages in every battleground state and none of the Biden voters did" theory.

I do have a theory about the "Shy Trump Voter" but it has to do with the Christian right.

NYT is predicting AZ will complete its vote count today.

Biden is up by 5%, and Mark Kelly's race was called last night.

82% of the votes have been counted.

Where are the uncounted votes? If they are in Maricopa and Pima counties, we will take this state.

In 2016, it took days (five? six?) to call the Kyrsten Sinema/McSally race, even though Sinema was ahead the entire time. Most of the outstanding tabulation was in Maricopa county, IIRC. Sinema's lead just kept widening.

More people are willing to accept authoritarianism than we like to believe.

It's really shocking. But read about the accelerationist and white power groups like The Base, or the rationale behind Christian Nationalism. They won't call it fascism, but they will admit without a hint of shame they want a Strongman. Many of them don't even know what principles our country was founded on.

And it's visible in Europe too.

"Things about to turn around..." Lindsey Buckingham

Oh, I've been waiting on the countdown
Things about to turn around
And now I'm out of the lost and found
Just waiting on the countdown

Aren't those loans underwritten by Russian state-owned VTB Bank?

Maybe it doesn't matter in terms of pursuing Trump's assets. I hope they do!

Trump Deutsche Bank Loans Underwritten By Russian State-Owned Bank, Whistleblower Told FBI


Quite a few. But the thing about Pence is that he is going to be welcomed

back into the Christian Nationalism machine immediately. I mean, in a heartbeat. He's viewed as the most loyal foot solder of Trump and the whole "religious freedoms" fight (which is about Christian Privilege, not real religious freedom or freedom for anyone who is not Christian) Of all these people, I think Pence will be hurt the least,and that's just based on reading The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart and Unholy by Sara Posner.

I think Bill Bar is absolutely finished.

Although not on the list, Louis DeJoy is going to prison.

Other countries are struggling with the same thing. Right wing populism isn't just

an issue here in the States. I think many worried countries just want to see us get back on track. Joe Biden expressed it well when he said this election could demonstrate that Trump was an anomaly. Europe is fighting back authoritarians in Hungary and Poland. Germany has a rising far right party.

Our best defense is to immediately reform alliances with our allies and punish foreign interlopers who have made it their mission in life to destroy democracies.

But we do have to fight hard against certain political machines that wish to do our democracy harm, specifically the racist supremacists and, particularly, the Christian Nationalists. Too many people don't take them seriously. They are well funded an well organized, and it's global in extent. In some cases they are funded by our enemies.
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