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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

Journal Archives

"Globalism" -- I think you mean globalization

Globalism is a conspiracy theory. Globalization is a real thing.

This seems to me to be a false tautology, or a faulty premise. We need bilateralism to tackle some of the most serious problems of our time, like climate and the rise of anti-democratic parties and organizations, and national security and to fight back encroachments by Russia and China.

Will the people who voted for Trump find value in those objectives? I doubt it. Will they get richer? Will they be able to buy more beer? What does it mean that they "benefit" from our cooperation with our allies? If we avoid WW III, is that in their best interest? Will they notice that we avoided catastrophe, and thank Joe Biden for that? Nope.

But we have to pursue those goals because it's a moral imperative.

I could go on and on, splitting hairs and taking apart the premise of that article, but that's enough.

This really isn't unique to Trump. Any time an autocrat is pushed out of

power, or suffers a humiliation, and someone who respects Democracy assumes power, anything that person does will be seen as an offensive erasure of what the strongman accomplished.

This is really a global issue where anti-democracy parties and powers are gaining in numbers. Look at the shit Angela Merkel has had to put up with in Germany since 2015. It's even a problem in Australia.

The usual suspects, like the Alt Right, Christian Nationalists, racists, will be unhappy.

President Obama actually gave the Christian Right some of the things they demanded and they still despised him (Source: Unholy by Sarah Posner). Biden should not do anything to try to appease these assholes.

They are probably sympathetic because they are dealing with the same

monster of Democracy-threatening populism right there in the EU (i.e., Hungary, Poland, far right resurgences in Germany, Italy, France, Matteo Salvini, Berlusconi, Nigel Farage, etc...). We really need each other right now, to figure out some strategy to beat these dictators back. They also have Russia, Turkey, Georgia and Moldova breathing down their necks.

They are all-too-familiar with what we are facing.

If any one feels like writing to her to express whatever it is

you wish to express, here is her email. Gratitude just poured out of me.



I think most Americans have been yearning for this kind

of connection again, and a spirit of cooperation, with some of the most respected leaders and their nations.

My mom spoke with one of our beloved Canadian relatives yesterday for the first time in a long time and she had a little bit of her self-respect back.

Soon, we'll be the nation reaching out to others once again!

Brilliant post!

That word rang a bell from some recent reading I've been doing. This came up when I googled it:

Götterdämmerung is the name given to the last few days in Hitler’s bunker during the Battle for Berlin and before the surrender to the Soviet forces. Götterdämmerung comes from the final part of Adolf Hitler’s favourite Richard Wagner opera ‘Der Ring des Nibellungen’ which ended in mass destruction. Götterdämmerung did just this – Hitler ordered the total destruction of Berlin to punish those who had betrayed him –this was never carried out. However, the city itself was destroyed and many thousands were killed. To Hitler this would have been Götterdämmerung.

Götterdämmerung ended with Hitler and what remained of his entourage planning the rescue of Berlin. Hitler dreamed up imaginary armies that would fight the Soviet forces to the end. It was clear to many that Hitler had lost all sense of reality but such was his power over those at the top of the Nazi Party that no one challenged him. In his book about the last days of Hitler, Hugh Trevor-Roper described the world Hitler lived in as “cloud cuckoo-land”. Some of his orders bordered on the bizarre. He told his senior army officers that any of them who held back from the fight against the USSR would pay with their life within five hours of receiving the order to attack. On April 22ndhe accused his senior army officers of cowardice and told them that they were traitors to Nazi Germany. However, Hitler adopted the poise of one of Richard Wagner’s heroes:


What about some of these fish and animal related changes:

Lifting protections on wolves
Allowing hunters to shoot bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens
Changes in fishing regulations allowing long-banned long-line fishing techniques that endanger other species?
Opening that ocean and bird preserve in the north east to fishing?
Allowing the use of small explosive devices to kill some animals in certain states?

Didn't Trump open up some national reserves to hunting?

Did anything come of Pebble Mine?
Drilling in ANWR?
The huge pristine forest in Alaska: wasn't part of it open to logging?
Destruction of a national monument in Arizona to build the wall?

I read, and then never heard of this story again: NAVY asking for permission to use some kind of device in the pacific northwest that might result in killing Orcas, and obtaining a permit that allowed them to kill a certain number in the course of doing whatever experiments they were doing?

I hope NONE of these disgusting things happen(end), but those made big news at the time they were announced.

You can count the number of Republicans who are not ass-kissing whores on

the fingers of one hand, even if you'd lost three fingers in chainsaw accident.

Except for Mary and her deceased father, the entire Trump family is

a pack of entitled degenerates and thieves with impulse-control problems:

Don Jr. swiped half a grilled cheese sandwich off my plate

The Magnitsky Act

I've always wondered if this is what Mike Flynn talked to the Russian ambassador about, and why he lied to cover it up. And when Trump couldn't get rid of the MA, Putin lost interest in him. Somewhere in one of the Trump books I remembering reading that Putin's #1 obsession is to get rid of the Magnitsky Act.
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