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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,577

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People are bringing it up because they want to know the cause.

Trump made the health of Hillary Clinton an issue in 2016, and he's trying to do it again now against Biden.

Meanwhile, Trump has given us reasons to be skeptical about the medical reports coming out from his doctor.

If his mobility issues are the result of a neurological event, progression or illness that impairs his cognitive function and judgment in addition to his mobility, that could clearly be disqualifying.

Trump couldn't even get bottled water right.

If this vaccine "works", it would be the first success in Trump's life, other than obtaining loans through fraud and successfully laundering Russian money. So I won't be betting my life on the miracle of a sudden Trump success, not with the CDC and FDA in such a compromised state.

If we have a choice, say, that includes the WHO's vaccine, or a vaccine from Europe, Canada or Israel, I might opt for one of those.

I don't think #2 would ever work.

Trump has done too many things that demonstrate he is aware he is breaking the law and attempting to conceal that fact; therefore, there is ample evidence of consciousness of guilt. Look at all the effort he's gone to to lowball real estate values for tax purposes, and then to exaggerate them to obtain loans, and then to keep those false values straight. The Mueller Report is filled with facts tending to point to his awareness of his own wrongdoing. He also has a pattern of delegating wrongdoing to others, to avoid implicating himself. Hiding, obstructing, blocking people from testifying to his wrongdoing, etc...

It's actually pretty hard nowadays to get a "diminished capacity" defense.

My heart isn't set on Trump going to prison, but I think there's a good chance some of these people will:

William Barr
Maybe Eric Trump

Sorry to keep coming back to transradial catheterization for stent placement

It just seems to fit. It's just a theory, but remember how after that first trip to Walter Reed his first few public appearances he did not move his right arm normally when speaking and gesticulating. He let it hang at his side or fixed it on the podium. Sorry to keep harping on this.

In the journal article below, look at figures 1 - 5, especially placement of the distal bands, then look again at the pattern of the possible bruising.

Keep an Open Mind About Distal Radial Access


That's my speculation too. Remember how his first public appearances after the "visit"

he didn't move one of his arms normally? That got me to thinking about the possibility he had undergone Transradial catheterization and either his arm was still sore (it would be sore for about a week) or he didn't want to lift his arm and risk raising his sleeve to expose bandages, bruises or related tube marks.

Just speculation!

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