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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

Journal Archives

Commentator on MSNBC just now:

Paraphrasing: I wish I could tell you there is some deep philosophical reason Kyrsten Sinema has voted the way she has on this, but it's pure survival... She is looking over her shoulder... She's not particularly afraid of being primaried, she's afraid of the moderate Republicans, people in the center right who would ordinarily have supported Martha McSally who came over and voted for her in 2018...

Some key event during WW2

Perhaps the last 3 days in Hitler's bunker.

Or maybe better, to be a fly on the wall at the Yalta Conference.

Or Himmler's bizarre speech of 6 October 1943 at Posen, where he called out to Albert Speer, so I could see with my own eyes if Speer was lying when he later claimed he wasn't actually there and that Himmler's eyesight was so poor that he didn't realize Speer was missing. Speer laughably relied on this claim to demonstrate he knew nothing about the Holocaust.

I know that last one sounds like I'm thinking small, but it is an issue Adam Tooze raises in his book Wages of Destruction and that book really piqued my curiosity to know.

Another might be the death of Stalin's wife, so I could settle once and for all whether she committed suicide or met with foul play!

I heard it, but I'm deferring to experts on this subject. She was talking about how

Governor Cuomo fixated on the fact she was a sexual assault survivor and kept bringing that subject up during unrelated conversations repeatedly. I think she was talking about what she felt was psychological abuse and her feeling that he knew it was a very sensitive topic to her but he would keep bringing it up inappropriately at work in private settings that were supposed to be about something else (like taking dictation) and then using it to segue into personal questions about whether she would be willing to start a relationship with him.

Maybe for the same reason F.B.I. behaviorists and forensic psychiatrists

are so fascinated to interview serial killers.

A lot of people don't care about the Why? but a lot of people do.

So many of the posts here at DU express frustration at the inability to comprehend these people. One way to try to comprehend them is to interview them and study how they think, and why they believe what they believe and do what they do.

The WSJ is being way too gracious

I'm SICK of hearing about how Trump is wounded by the trauma of losing power. I can't ever recall a defeated POTUS or any politician except for Roy Moore whining and crying and pissing and moaning like Trump over losing an election. And he wasn't some nice guy: he was the meanest, nastiest most corrupt and criminal SOB ever to occupy the office. We are not talking about an FDR who occupied office for years and years. Trump was a (shitty) one-term, twice-impeached president who didn't even like the job Americans gave him.

He ate, watched TV and golfed. For a supposedly ruthless negotiator and businessman, he's really just nothing more than a gigantic cheese puff with a sad face drawn on it.



These are people who have arrived at a tacit agreement to claim they believe something they almost surely don't believe because it is so offensive to the people they hate.

Not to get too far off on a tangent, but it's the same for almost all Holocaust Deniers. They know it happened, but they get such enjoyment from torturing the people who know how serious it was (while wearing their Auschwitz t-shirts).

We need a better word than "Gaslighting".

If we've learned anything, our next move...

Instead of apologizing, Biden should say, "I am sorry, that was deeply unfair to Neanderthals. I meant to say single celled paramecium" or something of that nature. "Governor Abbott is dumber than a protozoa." Double down, triple down, don't apologize.

Nicely done.

If only you were the editor of the biggest newspaper in Wisconsin.

I'm not permitted to write to Senator Ron Johnson anymore. I wrote to him late summer with some constructive criticism (that he abstain from disseminating Russian disinformation, and reminding him of Dr. Fiona Hill's testimony to the same effect) and thereafter, when I try to submit an email I get a warning notice that I may constitute a national security threat so my email will not be accepted by the good senator's office.

When people call Johnson a "piece of shit", they are not exaggerating.

Thank you, Joe.

I know that everyone here at DU understands what's at stake here, and the MSM is doing a good job of conveying the import of this assault on democracy; what I don't know is whether the average person who is not a newswatcher or newsreader is entirely aware of what is transpiring and, if they are not, how we can reach them so they understand this is not what Andrea Mitchell likes to call "politics as usual".

I think it helps that Biden is being so direct. Hopefully, people will listen.

Thanks for sharing this.

I'm totally fascinated by what moves people either into politics or from one position to another.

Your posts are making me wish I'd been more politically aware during that period, but I was a typical self-involved teenager planning my next trip to the movie theater or record store. My mother was the most politically-alert person in the family during that time. She despised Ronald Reagan.
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