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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 14,026

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I distincly recall a very early Coronavirus presser where he stated

that 65,000 should be expected.

EDIT to add links:

US could see up to 65K coronavirus deaths: Trump


‘I Used to Say 65,000 Deaths But…’: Trump Again Shifts Estimated Covid-19 Toll in US


At times it seems like it, but he and other members of his family are allegedly

facing criminal prosecution, or at the very least are the subjects of investigations.

It's true, he's not "running for president" in any sense of the word, but he's doing everything possible to remain in power.

Based on the books Fire and Fury and Disloyal (Michael Cohen's book) I'm convinced his "best case scenario" and the thing he planned for was to lose in 2016 and parlay that loss into a bunch of Trump Organization projects.

Anecdotal story here.

This happened months ago to my mom. It didn't seem worth posting at the time but now it is relevant.

She has a lifelong friend who has always voted Republican but about five or six months ago she told my mother she was not voting for Trump again and when my mother asked her why she said it was because of abortion, Roe and the Supreme Court. She volunteered this information. I wasn't sure what to make of it and was wondering if there might be some other reason she wasn't divulging, because we ALL KNOW Republicans are a party that wants to make abortion illegal. That is not exactly news. But nevertheless, that exactly what transpired in that phone call.

She is a white female in her mid to late 70s.

Wow, he worked on some major films

He also contributed conceptual designs to other feature films, including Dark Star, Alien, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Real Genius, Back to the Future, Aliens, The Abyss, Total Recall, True Lies, The 6th Day, Cats and Dogs, Firefly and Southland Tales.

I wonder how he became involved with Dark Star, directed by John Carpenter. That film is legendary at USC Cinema School. I don't know if it's true, but I was told that Carpenter was kicked out of USC for stealing a camera from the stock room and pawning it for money to complete the film. But that is not mentioned in the Wikipedia article. Maybe it's apocryphal:

The film began as a 45-minute 16mm student project with a final budget of six thousand dollars.[14][15] Beginning with an initial budget of one thousand dollars from USC in 1970,[16] Carpenter and O'Bannon completed the first version of the film in 1972.[7] Carpenter had to replace the voice of Pahich with his own as Talby.[15] To achieve theatrical length, an additional fifty minutes were filmed with the support of Canadian distributor Jack Murphy (credited as "Production Associate".[7][17] Through John Landis, a friend of O'Bannon, the film came to the attention of producer-distributor Jack H. Harris, who obtained the theatrical distribution rights to the film, and insisted on extensive cuts to the existing film as well as the shooting of additional 35mm footage to bring the movie back up to feature film length[18][10] O'Bannon would later lament that as a result of the padding into a feature-length movie, "We had what would have been the world’s most impressive student film and it became the world’s least impressive professional film".[19]


What I'm really interested in is how they met. Oh well.. If Cobb worked on Alien he may also have worked with (or met) another legend, Syd Mead, who was also a concept artist--or, technically, a futurist.

You can tell James Cameron really liked him because he worked on Aliens, The Abyss and True Lies. What a career!

Actually, McMasters was drummed out of the WH because he, like

Mattis, Tillerson, Kelly and Cohn, tried to keep Trump from doing stupid and illegal things. Check out the book Trump and his Generals by Peter Bergen. It's also covered in A Very Stable Genius and some of the other books. McMasters could not brief Trump, who became resentful that McMasters knew more than he did about foreign policy and threat assessment. McMasters has a professorial style that really grated on someone as imbecilic as Trump.

McMasters is old school and I don't think he believed a president could be this obscenely dangerous. Like the others, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. But he should show more courage now, I agree with that part of your post.

I know this view might not be a popular view, but after reading William Vollmann's

two volume opus on climate change, Carbon Ideologies, I came to the same conclusion, after years of fretting over nuclear power. He analyzes the major energy sources, and he actually visited Fukushima, and he argues that all of them are pretty bad, but I swear to god, after reading that book I thought, "I'd much, much, much rather take my chances at Fukushima than be drinking tap water in West Virginia or breathing air near a fracking field or coal plant." It wasn't even a close call for me.

Some of these other ideas that sound so exciting, like carbon capture and sequestration, when you read the facts and about the number of machines that would have to be produced, and the "energy cost" of that production, as fantastic as these machines are, it's just not practical. Check out Uninhabitable Earth for the stupefying facts about how many CC&S machines we would have to build every minute for the next fifty years. As thrilling as that technology is (and those machines are beautiful), it's a ludicrous proposition.

Just my opinion.

Although I'm always looking for new and better breakthroughs and possibilities.

Zuckerberg thinks it's less likely that Facebook will be broken up into pieces

if Republicans control the WH and Senate. Just my guess.

Can Facebook be broken up? What you need to know

Critics want Instagram and WhatsApp to split from Facebook. We examine how that might happen.

Facebook has pushed back, arguing that breaking up the company wouldn't hold the social network more accountable for its actions. Instead, Facebook has called for more internet regulation around harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability.

"Accountability of tech companies can only be achieved through the painstaking introduction of new rules for the internet," Nick Clegg, Facebook's vice president of global affairs and communications, said in a statement Thursday. The social network also said that having Instagram and WhatsApp under Facebook helps them fight spam, election meddling and crime. Facebook says it has plenty of competition, pointing to YouTube, Snapchat, iMessage and WeChat, among others.


Maybe it's just the gloomy mood I'm in, but I'm beginning to believe that "go high" is a

euphemism for "sit down, shut up and allow us to turn the United States fascist."

It's too bad the American Bar Association appears to be almost worthless

Of course, the Republicans like the ABA when they side with them on a judge, but dismiss them when they assert that a judge is not qualified.

Look at this half-assed dogshit:

ABA committee gives Kavanaugh a well-qualified rating

Bar Association Questioned Kavanaugh’s Temperament and Honesty in 2006

American Bar Association to reevaluate Kavanaugh’s high rating, citing his ‘temperament’

American Bar Association drops review of Kavanaugh

Trump and his advisors have basically been permitted to get away

with mass murder, so it doesn't surprise me that he can get away with just about anything.

Yes, this is surreal.

"Nothing to lose" is the magic place when we'll actually stop what we're doing and fight for our lives. Too many Americans still have something to lose, or too much fear.
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