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Mike 03

Mike 03's Journal
Mike 03's Journal
May 30, 2020

I worry he could still be a danger to others

I would like to know what major stressor, if any, occurred prior to him murdering George Floyd.
Now he's had several more: being arrested for murder; and divorce, and his actions being the cause of nationwide protests including ones that have turned violent.

Two or more major stressors for an individual prone to violence, and his future not looking very bright. To me, that makes him potentially even more dangerous.

I've also been wondering if they are performing toxicology tests on him.

May 30, 2020

That's what the Hong Kong protesters have been doing, although they rarely

"beat the shit out of them" but they do make their presence felt, unmask and completely humiliate them on camera for all eternity. (I've only seen one provocateur get the shit beat out of him in Hong Kong, but he'll survive). The Hong Kong protesters have got this down to a science. They are so organized and methodical, they really should write a book about protesting.

May 29, 2020

He tries to mimic what leaders like Cuomo and Biden do...

"I understand the hurt. I understand the pain. People have really been through it."

He depersonalizes it by saying "People" have been through it. Name the people. "The family of George Floyd... the cousins who thought of him as a brother..." He's so detached from everything. Also, what is the "it" people have been through? Name it!

He just doesn't feel the pain of other people, he's never felt it, so he's incapable of even faking it.

May 29, 2020

I just think he was looking for the sorts of textbook signs/injuries associated with manual

strangulation and asphyxiation, and didn't find a broken hyoid bone or other telltales signs. But it doesn't rule out that he died due to the actions of the officer. The force was on the back of his neck, not the front, which I believe explains the lack of those findings.

The complaint doesn't say he didn't die of suffocation.

May 29, 2020

You nailed it. These "treasures of wisdom" come from Stephen Miller is my guess

like this new legislation allowing hunters to shoot bear and wolf cubs in their dens. Fucking evil people. Get ready for the onslaught because they have nothing left but to wear us down and try to break our spirits.

May 28, 2020

Exactly: He didn't care he was being filmed.

Just my opinion: It was a deliberate provocation to the witnesses, the bystanders, telling them, "I don't care that you want me to spare this man's life, I'm going to kill this man and you are going to watch me kill him because I have that power and you don't." I agree it was one element that makes this murder so shocking and brazen. It was a crime against George Floyd and everyone who tried to stop it, and his family and, really, everyone who watches that video.

May 28, 2020

I take your point, but to be fair, that's a common, legitimate law enforcement technique

probably suggested by the FBI to open a channel of communication with a dangerous person in some kind of negotiation or to try to get a confession by suggesting to the perpetrator that investigators want to hear 'their side of the story" and telling them what they did was "out of character", etc.. You shut off any possibility of surrender or communication if you really tell them what you're thinking ("turn yourself in you psychopath!&quot . It's been used a lot including on Christopher Dorner (African American) when the LAPD tried to stop his killing spree by telling him he was right to be angry and had legitimate grievances and to surrender so they could be addressed. It's really quite common.

May 26, 2020

Mike Bloomberg and Steve Schmidt need to track down

Katie Johnson, the 13 year old. She has a story to tell. That would shut Trump up real fast.

Trump Teen Rape Allegation Resurfaces, Ronan Farrow Claims National Enquirer Tried to Protect Him in New Book

May 25, 2020

I think there's a lot of this.

It's the sunk cost fallacy in Behavioral Economics. They are too deeply invested now to admit they were stupid enough to get on the "Trump Train" to begin with, especially with two thirds of the population telling them this from day one. It would simply be unthinkably embarrassing.

May 24, 2020

Number of screenings per day is a huge deal.

Great movies have been destroyed (edited/shortened) in order to make it possible to screen them more times per day.

Also, just in general, more theaters were built in the 80s and 90s and they were luxurious (or at least comfortable) multiplexes. Families could go to one of these and mom and dad could watch Animal House while the kids watched Jaws 2. They made it so easy to go the movies and tie it in with other things, like shopping at the mall, grabbing lunch. Theaters could charge more too, and finance state of the art sound systems and experimental things like 70 Millimeter, THX Sound, Sensurround, quadraphonic sound, to enhance the movie going experience.

Imagine watching something like Apocalypse Now, or Altered States, or a really high-tech movie at a drive-in. The drive in experience, for many, lost its appeal as films became more technologically evolved and moviegoers didn't want to miss out on the experiential aspect. (at least that's my theory).

I don't know the answer to this question: Could you screen a movie in 70mm at a drive in? (Just curious)

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