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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 15,168

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Great summation and theory.

A good deal of what you are saying is backed up in Craig Unger's book House of Trump, House of Putin.

One reason Mike Bloomberg was able to get under Trump's skin (and still can, when he's ready) is because he is exactly that guy you are talking about who Trump wanted to be but could never gain acceptance as (except for the Hollywood part). He was rejected by New York's elites, and even by New York's non-elites.

Perhaps, any sanction that would restrict Russia's ability

to export oil.

What do we import from Russia? Hit it with prohibitive tariffs.

What others have said: make them financial pariahs. Russian oligarchs should be prohibited from buying real estate in the United States or hiding money in any US banking institution, safe harbor, shell company, etc...

Freeze and seize assets.

No anonymous purchasers of US properties and real estate.

No Russian oligarch/company should be able to buy majority "shares" of a US company. (I'm not sure about the legality of that last one).

Most of all, we need to get their fighter jets out of US airspace. No more provocations! We need to push back against their takeover over the Arctic Circle.

This story seems to take the idea that Trump is Putin's stooge to a level

of undeniability that will be hard to dismiss.

You'd think that pulling our troops out of Syria and Trump's flimsy reasoning and lying about oil fields would have been sufficient, but it wasn't, because it was also a favor to Erdogan.

You'd think us allowing Russia to take over the Arctic Circle with no pushback whatsoever would have been enough. But nobody paid any attention.

A lot of us have had this suspicion for a long time, but this story will elevate alarm to a new level. It's simply too hard to rationalize any justification for these actions and behaviors. IMO, there is no explanation other than that Trump is owned by Putin.

The strangest thing of all about this bounty story is that it in no way, shape or form helps Trump get re-elected, so it's far beyond rational self-interest. It's simply grossly immoral and inexplicable...unless he's owned by Putin.

Yep, my thinking too.

It's going to be hard to prove Trump received favors from Putin, because the "favors" are debt forgiveness and Putin keeping his mouth shut about two decades of money laundering and consorting with oligarchs and organized criminals.

This is why Russia has been getting away with murder and constant provocations that Trump ignores.

"Vladimir, you want the Arctic Circle? It's yours!"

It's true.

Every American should read (or reread) Ian Kershaw's book The End: The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler's Germany. It is neither exaggeration nor hyperbole. The psychology of the Third Reich at the end of the war was very, very similar to what we're seeing, albeit on a much smaller scale. But it's dangerous as hell. Many people will die and the leader doesn't care--in fact he never cared.

It's about one man saving face and taking everything we cherish down with him.

When he's 'missing' he's usually not far from a TV screen

Also, the DJIA tanked today, and he's surely taking that very personally, and wondering what to do about his collapsing campaign and the economy that is about to crater all over again (just like so many of you predicted it would).

Well, we did learn how grateful and fortunate we should feel

if we "only" lose a quarter million Americans by autumn.

Meanwhile, I'll order another half dozen cases of canned tuna.

It must be "Tony", Danny's imaginary friend in The Shining.

Psychologist: And does Tony "tell you things"?
Danny: Tony is a little boy that lives in my mouth... and it's like he shows me things

This is how I see it too

It's also how he's rationalized allowing the pandemic to run amok. In his mind, we all deserve to be punished for not appreciating that he is a "great president, as great as or greater than Lincoln." It's part of a pattern of vengeance that is a core characteristic of his very being.

It's also an extension of his promised revenge against Impeachment.

He fails, and then he justifies his failures retroactively as "successes."

We'll I'm glad he's spending so much time fighting with Fox News

It's kind of like Hitler yelling at Goebbels while the Red Army marches on Berlin.
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