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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
May 26, 2020

New York Stock Exchange to reopen trading floor after over eight-week coronavirus shutdown

The New York Stock Exchange is set to reopen its trading floor on Tuesday, more than eight weeks after it moved all operations to the digital sphere when the coronavirus pandemic sent New York and other parts of the U.S. into lockdown. NYSE President Stacey Cunningham, who worked on the floor during the September 11 terror attacks, told CBS News' Dana Jacobson about why and how they plan to pull off the return as much of New York still sits dormant under coronavirus restrictions.

"It's going to be certainly a very historic moment, and special moment for the traders on the floor," Cunningham said.

While those traders are eager to return, the trading floor they are coming back to will look a bit different. Personal protective equipment like face masks will be required, and social distancing guidelines will be in place. Hand sanitizer dispensers and plastic barriers will be a common presence on the floor.

Not all NYSE employees will be part of the open, either — only about 25% of the normal trader workforce will be on the floor Tuesday.

The decision to close, Cunningham said, was a crucial but clear one. Amid concerns of straining the healthcare system and putting traders and those they come into contact with at risk, she ordered the trading floor to move to digital operations on March 23.

"There is a clarity in crisis," she said. "You know what you need to do and you know when you need to do it."

Though the trading floor has been closed before, such as during the 9/11 attacks, it never in its 227-year history made the shift to fully-digital operations until now.


May 26, 2020

Coronavirus: UK Minister resigns over Dominic Cummings' lockdown trips

A government minister has resigned over Dominic Cummings' lockdown trips.

Douglas Ross said the embattled adviser's claim he had a valid excuse to travel was "not shared by the vast majority of people who have done as the government asked".

In a letter to Boris Johnson published on Tuesday morning, the outgoing Scotland Office junior minister wrote: "I have never met Dominic Cummings so my judgement on this matter has always been open and I accept his statement on Monday afternoon clarified the actions he took in what he felt were the best interests of his family.

"However, these were decisions many others felt were not available to them.

"As a father myself, my instinct is to always do what is best for my son and wife. We have been fortunate not to have caught this awful virus but if we did, we are prepared to follow the government advice and stay at home to contain this virus.


May 26, 2020

FLIPPABLE: Harold Hayes for PA-HD18

Harold Hayes is originally from Frankford but has called Bucks County his home for the past decade. His parents instilled in him the importance of volunteering and service, whether it was helping with maintenance work around his church, going door-to-door with his mother, a Democratic committeewoman, or working on behalf of his union’s endorsed candidates.

Hayes graduated from high school and entered the apprenticeship program with Plumbers Local 690. He earned his certification as a Master Plumber and opened his own business in 2005. As a small business owner, he employed dozens of union members over the years. He shut his business down amid the Great Recession and is with Local 690 to this day.

Hayes and his wife Stacy, a nurse, married in 2010 and live in Bensalem with their two young sons, Owen and Gabe, and dog, Rex.


May 26, 2020

FLIPPABLE: Tracey Kagan for FL-HD29

Tracey is a mom to three daughters: Emma, 23, Sofie, 18, and Stella, 14, all of whom have come up through the Seminole County School system.

One of three sisters herself, Tracey spent her childhood on Long Island, N.Y., and attended Brooklyn Law School, where she received her Juris Doctor degree. She left the chilly north for the sunny skies of Florida, choosing Seminole County for its renowned public schools and natural beauty.

She started her career as a public defender in New York City, and after moving to Florida worked in the Seminole County State Attorney's office. A successful criminal defense attorney for the past 20 years, Tracey has represented thousands of people and is in the courts every day ensuring that the rights of all Floridians are protected. Tracey’s expertise with the criminal justice system has given her an understanding of the challenges faced by law enforcement, social workers, mental health professionals and all those who are working to improve our community.


May 26, 2020

FLIPPABLE: Tammyette Thomas for FL-HD15

Tammyette Thomas was born to the parents of Victor James and Doris Williams and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated from Jean Ribault Senior High School in 1994. After graduation, Tammyette ultimately pursued a career in the medical field. In 2000, she entered the BSN program at Midlands Technical College to pursue a career in Nursing. In 2002, Tammyette became gainfully employed with Quest Diagnostics as a Patient Services Representative which materialized to the current capacity of a Regional Training Specialist to Patient Service Centers covering 92 patient service centers across North Florida. In 2003, Mrs. Thomas acquired her Phlebotomy Certification and acquired a Phlebotomy Instructor license in 2016. Her achievements enabled her to establish a Phlebotomy School serving students throughout North and West Florida to South Georgia. Tammyette’s aspiration to educate and train in Phlebotomy is to afford others an entry level position in the medical industry.

Tammyette’s innate passion for church ministry enticed her to pursue a Theology degree through Jacksonville Theological Seminary in 2009 which helped accommodate her aspiration of becoming the associate pastor of Innovative Empowerment Church on Jacksonville’s westside which is the position she has held there now for several years. She empowers people to live a positive and structured life in hopes of bringing forth empowerment, unity and individual success.

If anyone asked what intrigued Tammyette she would respond saying, “I just want to help people.” She loves to see people gain knowledge which exhibits power. Tammyette Thomas is the proud wife of Christopher Thomas and proud mother of Malachi, Tamisha, and Jamekia. She finds it imperative to speak to people rather than “preach” to people as well as to educate, train, encourage and inspire politically, mentally, financially and personally In order to make their world a better place.

Tammyette is the product of a very close knit family who inspired her beliefs and passions to be selfless and self-sufficient. Her humble beginnings initiated from her close knit family and she continues to exude that energy to everyone around her.

Tammyette believes to be powered by the people is to be an active listener to constituent concerns and stances deriving from encounters that sometimes go both unnoticed and unknown. A good political leader gathers constituents but a great political leader listens and acts equitably with a diverse political understanding to increase the welfare of all.


May 26, 2020

COVID-19 is ramping up in India.


Nikkei Asian Review
Coronavirus infections in Asia are concentrated in India, Pakistan, Singapore and Indonesia. #COVID19
Get the latest figures: https://s.nikkei.com/2ZFQpF1
May 26, 2020

WA-GOV: Inslee cruising to reelection.


Political Polls
May 24
Washington Governor GE:
Inslee (D-inc) 56% (+22)
Fortunato (R) 34%
Inslee (D-inc) 56% (+25)
Culp (R) 31%
Inslee (D-inc) 57% (+37)
Freed (R) 30%
Inslee (D-inc) 60% (+29)
Eyman (R) 31%

http://surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=f8e39a8b-0092-47bd-86a4-0bc1fc8e4a92… #WAgov
May 26, 2020

More than 40% of Republicans think Bill Gates will use COVID-19 vaccine to implant tracking chips, s

Fighting misinformation and conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus has almost been as hard as battling the pandemic itself. And a new survey has found that one conspiracy theory about Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is taking hold.

A conspiracy theory that Gates is planning to use a future COVID-19 vaccine to implant microchips in billions of people in order to monitor their movements has gained supporters particularly among Fox News viewers and Republicans, the survey found.

The representative survey of 1,640 US adults by YouGov for Yahoo News found that half of respondent Americans who say Fox News is their primary television news source believe the conspiracy theory. It's the largest group responding this way, followed by self-described Republicans and "Voted for Donald Trump in 2016" -- 44% of both those groups said they believed the conspiracy theory was true. Twenty-six percent of respondent Republicans said it was false, and 31% said they weren't sure.

Representatives for Fox News, the Republican Party, the White House and the Trump 2020 campaign didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which the namesake founders use to fund medical research and vaccine programs around the world, also didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.


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