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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit Area, MI
Home country: USA
Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 02:53 PM
Number of posts: 36,806

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Partner, father and liberal Democrat. I am a native Michigander living in San Francisco who is a citizen of the world.

Journal Archives

Cake - The Distance

Bachmann's mom looked freaked out.

As if she was wondering what kind of psycho she gave birth to.

Bill Kristol is offended that Obama will address supporters at Iowa's Democratic caucus (VIDEO)

Bill Kristol is going to be in traction from this stretch into Obama Derangement Syndrome.

It seems that Mr. Kristol is "offended" that later tonight President Obama will be "butting in" on the Iowa Republican Caucus ... by participating in a video teleconference with supporters attending the Iowa Democratic Caucus.

Yes, how dare the leader of the Democratic Party talk to his supporters when 0.000038461538 percent or so of the U.S. population decide which Republican candidate they'll settle for. Instead he could be dealing with Iran—tonight—and the economy—tonight!

But the best part of Kristol's faux outrage?

"We have a year before the election and he's wasting time tonight doing what? Giving some silly talk to Iowa Democrats? It's not going to affect what happens in November. It shows how political this White House is ..."


Santorum To Obama: “Man Up And Be President

URBANDALE, Iowa—Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum called on President Barack Obama to "man up" during a speech in students, faculty, and parents at the Des Moines Christian Academy on Tuesday.

Santorum, who is surging in Iowa in advance of tonight's caucuses, trotted out his sharpest criticism of the president yet — accusing Obama of making excuses instead of leading. Under fire from second tier candidates like Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, is trying to rise above the fray and pivot to attacking Obama.

"When you run for president you take responsibility," he said. "If there's one lesson you can teach every child looking up to you as president as I hope they would do, is that you take responsibility for your actions. If you want to be president, man up and be president."


PPP: Obama holds electoral college advantage.

From a series of new tweets:

PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls
Obama's strength in Virginia and Colorado makes it so he only needs to win 1 of the FL/OH/PA trio...change from Kerry and Gore
1:14 PM - 3 Jan 12 via web · Details

PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls
Swing states where Obama's fallen the most from 2008: Nevada, New Hampshire, Michigan, Pennsylvania
1:16 PM - 3 Jan 12 via web · Details

PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls
Swing states where Obama's fallen the least from 2008: North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida
1:18 PM - 3 Jan 12 via web · Details


Majority Latino West Liberty is the one town in Iowa the Republicans skipped

WEST LIBERTY, Iowa — Standing on the main red-brick drag downtown, in front of La Paz Market and La Luna Mexican Products, below the lamppost flags wishing passers-by a Feliz Navidad, you might think you were somewhere in Latin America … if it weren’t for the year’s first snowfall blowing through this sleepy town in eastern Iowa. In a state where only five percent of the population is Latino, West Liberty is the first town where the majority of the population belongs to the nation’s fastest-growing minority.

West Liberty Mayor Chad Thomas, an Obama backer, said that no GOP candidates or their surrogates have visited his town to appeal to the Latino community.

Even Latino Republicans concede that candidates in their party have alienated the community by not engaging directly with its members and their tough rhetoric on illegal immigration.


Which Republican will drop out after tonight?

My money is on Michele Bachmann. Iowa is her backyard. She practically lived there over the past year. She was the early frontrunner who is left with almost no money and very low numbers. If she lives up her low expectations, there is no rational (yeah, I know) explanation for her to continue. Who else do you think is out after tonight?

Ouch!! Politco calls their party's field a bunch of mediocrities.

The candidates say it on debate stages. Voters say it at campaign rallies. It is a staple of Republican rhetoric that 2012 is the most fateful election in decades — a big and perilous moment around which national destiny will hinge.

Here’s what does not get said as often: This big moment on history’s stage is being filled by politicians who so far have looked way too small for the occasion.

Bad manners, to be sure, to state it quite like that on Iowa caucus day. This is supposed to be an uplifting exercise, when discerning Midwestern voters inspect their choices and command the rest of the country to see new dimensions of leadership in candidates who previously seemed like ordinary pols.


Stand strong, Iowa DUers. One more day left.

Afte that, you don't have to see the Republicans' faces until Autumn.

Hooorrrayyy!!! The kid goes back to school tomorrow!!!

It feels like it was longer than two weeks off!