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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
May 30, 2016

NBC Host To Sanders: Your Take On Superdelegates Is A Bit 'Hypocritical'

Sanders also said his campaign would talk to the superdelegates in states where he had won "landslide victories" and tell them to, "Do what the people in your state want. They voted for Bernie Sanders, you as the superdelegates should follow their wishes."

The Vermont senator went on to say that he would also talk with the superdelegates who sided with Clinton before the primary votes were cast.

"We're going to make the case for the superdelegates, "Your job is to make sure that Trump is defeated, that Bernie Sanders, in fact, for a variety of reasons, not just polling, is the strongest candidate.'"

Todd told Sanders he was contradicting himself.

"You're saying you want them to respect the vote in their state, then at the same time, you say, 'But oh, by the way, for those of you that are a superdelegate in a state that Clinton won, why don't you think about the general election?' It's a little bit hypocritical to be on both sides of those issues," Todd said.

"No, no, no, that's not what I'm saying," Sanders responded, arguing that the superdelegates have a "grave responsibility" to make sure presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump doesn't become president.


May 30, 2016

How Bernie Sanders made himself irrelevant

Sanders is already is having a hard time getting cable news, which for months was practically running his campaign for him, to bother covering him anymore at all. The debate debacle has bought him another day or three or airtime, but then it’s right back to the general election focus on Hillary vs Trump, which is what the nation as moved on to.

The shocking part is that, once Bernie Sanders is eliminated from the race, that’ll be the end of him. Any concessions the party gives him will be temporary, in order to prevent his tantrums from causing too much of a distraction. But he’ll be a non-entity in the general election. His unwillingness to align himself with Clinton, and his gullible willingness to be Trump’s patsy, means he has no meaningful role to play between now and November. And that’s before getting back to the Senate, where no one in the chamber will want to go near him after this.

All that Sanders had to do was to show a touch of maturity and grace once he saw that the voting public had chosen someone else. Instead he’s tried to turn his loss into one phony conspiracy after another, and he keeps threatening to cause the kind of trouble that would harm his own supporters most of all. It’s why so many of his supporters are now former supporters, why most of them have stopped donating to him, and why he’ll have no constituency left by the time he finishes destroying himself.

Other than the temporary concern about how best to stay out of the blast radius as he continues to implode, no one who matters on the left takes him remotely seriously anymore. He’s the guy who lost the job interview to a more qualified opponent, and instead of accepting a different role in the company, he tried to take everyone in the lobby hostage. However this ends, it’ll end the very worst for him. And he has no remaining political future.


May 28, 2016

There's no worse ending to a sporting event

Than a penalty kick shootout.

May 28, 2016

Flashback to May, 2008: McCain Leads Obama

Clinton has been running better versus John McCain than Obama in the Gallup tracking general election trial heats for the last four days, though McCain has the edge over each Democrat. Registered voters currently prefer McCain to Clinton by 46%-45% and McCain to Obama by 47%-42%. -- Jeff Jones


May 28, 2016

CA-SEN: It looks like Harris (D) vs. Sanchez (D) in November

Democrats Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, campaigning for the U.S. Senate in California, are poised to meet in a fall rematch, according to a new poll.

Harris, the state attorney general, and Sanchez, a veteran congresswoman from Orange County, continue to claim the top two positions in the 34-candidate contest to succeed retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer. If the dynamics of the relatively sleepy race hold, the Democrats would meet again in the general election on Nov. 8.

The Public Policy Institute of California poll, released late Wednesday, had Harris leading with support from 27 percent of likely voters. Sanchez was at 19 percent, while Republican Tom Del Beccaro was a distant third at 8 percent, followed by GOP candidates Ron Unz (6 percent) and Duf Sundheim (3 percent).

Despite months of campaigning, and a recent burst of late TV ads from Harris and Sanchez, a third of likely primary voters are undecided, the same percentage that was ambivalent in a March PPIC poll. Among Republicans, nearly half are undecided, along with 35 percent of independents.

Analysts predicted the large numbers of equivocal voters would decrease as the race for California’s first open U.S. Senate seat in nearly a quarter-century neared. On Wednesday, Mark Baldassare, the president and chief executive of PPIC, said he was among those who now were startled to see such a high number of undecided voters.


May 28, 2016

Sanders butts in into local State Senate primary and endorses the incompetent Jane Kim

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took a giant step into San Francisco politics Tuesday, endorsing Supervisor Jane Kim in the wide-open contest for the city’s state Senate seat.

The endorsement — and his email blast asking his supporters to send money to Kim — instantly started the cash flowing.

“The response has been incredible,” said Eric Jaye, a consultant for Kim’s campaign for the 11th state Senate District seat. “The phones started leaping off the hook (Tuesday) morning as soon as he sent the message out to his donors.”

By early afternoon, nearly 1,000 people had given more than $25,000 to Kim, Jaye said.

The money is welcome. Kim, the progressive’s choice in the race to replace termed-out state Sen. Mark Leno, has been outraised more than 2-to-1 this year by her more moderate opponent, Supervisor Scott Wiener. On April 23, the end of the most recent state financial reporting period, Wiener had just under $800,000 in the bank, compared with about $360,000 for Kim.


May 28, 2016

NRA lobbyist: 'Bernie's right' about lawsuits against gunmakers

A day after the National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump for president, the group’s chief lobbyist said “Bernie’s right” when it comes to lawsuits against gunmakers.

For months, Hillary Clinton has slammed her opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, for supporting a 2005 federal law that bars lawsuits against gun companies when their products are misused by criminals.

On Saturday, at the annual meeting of NRA members in Louisville, Kentucky, the NRA’s chief lobbyist played a clip of a response from the Vermont senator.

During a March debate in Michigan, Sanders said: “If you go to a gun store and you legally purchase a gun, and then, three days later, if you go out and start killing people, is the point of this lawsuit to hold the gun shop owner or the manufacturer of that gun liable?

“If they are selling a product to a person who buys it legally, what you’re really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America. I don’t agree with that.”

A hall full of NRA members gave the clip a smattering of applause. To laughter, Chris Cox, head of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said: “I don’t say this often … OK, fine, I’ve never said it. But Bernie’s right.


May 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders Angers HIV/AIDS Activists by Misrepresenting Meeting

Bernie Sanders met with HIV/AIDS activists on Wednesday and then pissed them off by putting out a press release suggesting that their meeting was about his endorsement of AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s ballot initiative to lower prices for taxpayer-supported AIDS treatments.

Activist Peter Staley lashed out on Facebook after the press release went out:

Feeling used and abused by the Sanders campaign right now. They just issued a press release making it sound like our meeting was about his endorsement of AHF’s drug pricing ballot initiative in CA.

Senator Sanders never brought the issue up during our meeting. WE brought it up near the end, only to tell him that we had been flooded with messages from all the leading AIDS organizations in CA with deep concerns about AHF’s initiative — they are worried it could actually negatively impact access to AIDS drugs.

Those groups have tried to reach the campaign with these concerns but had hit a brick wall. We asked Sanders to designate someone in his campaign to talk with these groups, and he agreed to this.


His campaign should not have issued a press release implying this was a major topic of discussion at the meeting, and that there was general agreement on the Senator’s position on this. Anything but.

May 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters to File Emergency Injunction Against Calif. Primary, City Attorney Says

Attorneys representing a group of Bernie Sanders supporters informed San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera Thursday night that they plan to file an "emergency request" with U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup in the city today "for a preliminary injunction" in California's June 7 presidential primary," Herrera's office said....

The release continued, "The activists are seeking sweeping injunctive relief in their suit, including provisions to force 58 counties to segregate ballots already cast by unaffiliated voters; to allow "re-votes" by those voters for presidential primary candidates; and to extend the state's voter registration deadline -- which passed on May 23 for eligibility to vote in the June 7 primary -- until election day itself."

“We are asking the judge for an order that the poll workers be trained to inform voters that NPP voters have a separate presidential ballot rather than the voter having to ask for one, and that PSAs be sent out to all voters about how to vote NPP given the incorrect mandatory notices mailed out by government officials across the state, and to ensure that there are enough ballots for everyone to vote,” he told ABC News.


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