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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
July 1, 2018

Susan Collins: SCOTUS nominee will pretend to be thoughtful and I will pretend to believe them.

Any Supreme Court nominee who would overturn Roe v. Wade would be unacceptable to her, said US Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), one of the most closely watched lawmakers as Trump moves to nominate a replacement for outgoing Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Trump has vowed to appoint justices that would overturn the landmark case affirming abortion as a constitutional right. His next appointment will determine the court’s majority, leaving abortion rights in the balance as Kennedy retires from the high court.

Speaking to ABC television on Sunday, Collins, a rare pro-choice Republican, said she was going to have an “in-depth conversation” with the nominee and reiterated what she said last week — that she believes Roe v. Wade is settled law.

“It has been established as a constitutional right for 45 years and was reaffirmed 26 years ago,” Collins said. “So a nominee’s position on whether or not they respect precedent will tell me a lot about whether they would overturn Roe v. Wade.”


July 1, 2018

FLIPPABLE: Jasmine Clark for GA-HD108

Born in Atlanta, GA, Jasmine Clark has called Georgia home for over 30 years. With family ties deeply rooted throughout Georgia, including raising children here, Jasmine cares deeply about the future of the State.

At a young age, Jasmine realized her passion for the sciences. This led her to pursue an education and career in Microbiology, including receipt of her Doctoral degree from Atlanta's own Emory University. She currently serves as faculty at multiple universities in the Atlanta area, with a focus on teaching and curriculum development. As the field of science requires strategic planning, problem solving, and attention to detail, Jasmine believes that her scientific background could add a unique and refreshing perspective to legislating in GA.

Outside of the classroom, Jasmine has also been involved in community organizing and activism. She served as the Director of the March for Science held in Atlanta in April 2017. She continues to work with other groups, including the Georgia Alliance for Social Justice, on advocating for social justice issues and causes. She believes that an inclusive Georgia is a thriving Georgia, and that there is no place for divisive rhetoric and discriminatory practices in Georgia's future.


July 1, 2018

FLIPPABLE: Wade Carlisle for AZ-SD06

I am a fourth generation Arizonan and a product of our public education system. I am the father of two daughters and the proud husband of a great school teacher. I am a hard-working, middle-class American. I support my family by working on the railroad, working cattle, as a substitute teacher, and running Holbrook's hardware store for the past 10 years.

These experiences have taught me family values, the importance of hard work, and the devastating impact the underfunding of public schools has had on our communities. This is why I ran for office.

I am currently the Vice Mayor of Holbrook and have been on Holbrook city council for 13 years. In my time as city councilor I have seen what bad legislation can do to a city, and how to mend that legislation. I have continued to watch the Legislature let our education and transportation go to the wayside. The lack of funding that continues to come out of our legislature to pay for maintaining and improving our roads is unacceptable and we need someone who will fight for rural Arizona in Phoenix.

I promise to look out for rural Arizona in the legislature.

Please email me with questions at carlisleforsenate@gmail.com and I look forward to earning your support.


July 1, 2018

FLIPPABLE: Brianna Buentello for CO-HD47

Brianna A. Buentello (Bri) is a wife, mother, and teacher. She is running for the Colorado House of Representatives, District 47 (CO-HD47), which comprises of over 2,500 square miles and just over 75,000 citizens in Southern Colorado. Bri is running because, in her own words, she’s “tired of people in Denver forgetting the state line extends past El Paso County.”

A dedicated educator, Bri holds a Bachelor of Science in History and Political Science from Northern Michigan University, and is pursuing a Masters of Special Education from Fort Hays State University. Currently, Bri is a teacher at East High School in Pueblo where she has taught American Government, World History and Economics. In Fall 2017, she will return to the special education classroom.

A daughter of United States Marine Corps parents, Bri was raised to value faith, hard work, respect and self-reliance. She’s troubled by the opportunity gaps she sees in public education, and the inability of many working people to get ahead in today's world. As a State Representative, Bri will fight to make sure government is providing a hand up, not a hand out.

Married to a former US Army captain (Nicholas) who did two tours of duty overseas, Bri has a special place in her heart for veterans and families of veterans. Given her deeply personal experience with veterans and veterans issues, Bri will be a fierce advocate for those who have served and their families.

Bri is the proud mother to her son, Noel. Bri says, “Noel is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.” Working alongside dedicated professionals who serve children with special needs, Bri has learned first hand the importance of providing children with special needs the services they need. She will ensure that the thousands of families with special needs children are given the help they need.

Being a mother and educator, Buentello believes that all people deserve a chance to achieve their God given potential. As State Representative for House District 47 she will fight to make sure everyone in Southeastern Colorado has the same resources and opportunity as people in Denver.

Bri was appointed by Pueblo City Council to the Pueblo Human Relations Commission where she works to ensure that the city hears the needs of its most vulnerable residents. A family of faith, Bri, Nick and Noel are active members of the Holy Family Parish in Pueblo.

In her spare time Bri enjoys spending time with family and friends, working on the family home, cooking, being outdoors- hunting, fishing , off-roading, skiing and doing “the million and one things there are to do in Southern Colorado.”


July 1, 2018

FLIPPABLE: Jenn Alford-Tester for NH-SD08

A New Hampshire native, Jenn was raised by her grandmother and mother in a small Seacoast apartment. They struggled just to put food on the table; eventually her mother had to accept welfare and food stamps to support her four children. It was an experience that deeply influenced Jenn’s commitment to easing the burdens on families in need.

She also knows how to make a little assistance go a long way. At 18, Jenn moved alone to North Carolina with two suitcases and $265, and found a job at a coffee shop where she worked for the next decade. There were weeks when she had to choose between buying food and paying utilities; but with the help of her employers, who encouraged her to apply for financial aid, Jenn enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and met her future husband, Jason.

What Jenn learned about resilience and self-sufficiency during those years has fueled her commitment to public service. Back in her beloved New Hampshire, she and Jason have built thriving careers and bought a home where they are raising their daughter. But for Jenn, being comfortable is not enough, not when many families in her community are in trouble.

Through her church, Jenn spent six years volunteering at a community homeless shelter, seeing the opioid crisis from the front lines. She has led a committee to address emergency relief for local families and, recognizing the particular difficulties facing women, has developed legislation to promote equal pay for equal work. And she wants to do more.

“I grew up in New Hampshire,” she says. “I love this state. I believe in the potential of people and I feel like given the right resources, they can surpass their own expectations.”
Jenn knows what it is to struggle, but she also knows how to struggle—how to be resourceful and persistent, how to advocate for services and make them count, and how to work hard, and then harder, every single day for a better future.

That’s why Jenn is running for the 8th District of New Hampshire State Senate.


July 1, 2018

FLIPPABLE: Jennifer Confrst for IA-HD43

Jennifer has lived in Iowa most of her life, and has always considered the Des Moines metro area her home. After living in northern Iowa, then out of state for a short time as a child, she returned to Iowa and went to school in Johnston, where she graduated in 1992.

Jennifer met her husband, Lee, while attending Drake University. They’ve lived in the area since their marriage in 1996, with a brief stint in Chicago before coming back home to Iowa. They have two children, Ellie (17) and James (15) and live in Windsor Heights. Lee works at Nationwide in Des Moines and they are members of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Des Moines, where Jennifer grew up. The couple was married at Plymouth, and they are proud to be raising their children there. She earned both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Drake University, and Lee earned his undergraduate and law degrees there.

Jennifer believes there is nothing more important than being a mom and that’s why she has been an active volunteer in her kids’ education at every step from preschool to high school. She has served as President of the Plymouth Nursery School Board, President of the Downtown School PTA, Mock Trial coach at Merrill Middle School, and now is a member of the PTA and a debate team parent volunteer at Roosevelt High School.

Jennifer is currently an Assistant Professor in Drake University's School of Journalism and Mass Communication and also runs her own small business. Her business helps those in the private and public sectors improve communication with their own customers and clients.

Before teaching at Drake, Jennifer spent 12 years in communications leadership at Iowa Public Television (IPTV). While there, she was responsible for strategy and implementation of communications for the network. She also served as the spokesperson for IPTV, on-air host during fundraising drives, and worked on special programs during the Iowa State Fair.

In 2017, Jennifer was one of four finalists for the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa's Inspiring Women of Iowa Courage Award. Jennifer has been recognized as Outstanding New Member from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Central Iowa Chapter in 2014, as a member of the Des Moines Business Record's 40 Under 40 Class of 2010, and as national PBS Communicator of the Year in 2007.

Jennifer has been a member of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ since she was confirmed there in 1988, and also served on the boards of the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center and Easter Seals Iowa.


July 1, 2018

Jared Kushner put Trump's call through to prankster.

The White House is scrambling to figure out how a prank call from a comedian who pretended to be Sen. Robert Menendez managed to get a return phone call from the president, a person inside the White House said Friday.

The person inside the White House said the call was routed to the president by the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner and that it was not routed through the office of legislative affairs, which had no record of Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, trying to connect with the president.

And while legislative affairs got notified of the call and subsequently tried to kill it after learning from Menendez’s chief of staff that the senator was not trying to reach Trump, the call was still put through, the person said.

A recording of what appears to be the president’s voice talking to who he seemingly believes to be Menendez can be heard on the podcast of John Melendez, also known as Stuttering John, a regular guest on shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show. Using a British accent and posing as Menendez’s assistant Sean Moore, a name he invented from James Bond actors Sean Connery and Roger Moore, Melendez first called the White House switchboard, which said it could not reach Trump because he was delivering a speech in North Dakota at the time.

Later, Melendez said Kushner called him back, after which he said he and a friend, who posed as the New Jersey senator, were put on the phone with the president.


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