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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
March 3, 2022

Melania Trump Event Called Off

“A Florida fund-raiser planned for April that was to feature Melania Trump has been called off after state regulators there concluded that the company working with the former first lady to organize the charitable event had not properly registered to solicit contributions,” the New York Times reports.

“Tickets were put on sale for as much as $50,000 for a VIP table, with the money, she said, slated to provide scholarships to children emerging from foster care.”


March 3, 2022

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules to adopt Evers' "least change" maps for Congress and Legislature.


Alexander Shur
BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court rules to adopt Evers' "least change" maps for Congress and Legislature.

"No other proposal comes close" to Evers' maps in moving fewer people, the majority opinion states.

2:18 PM · Mar 3, 2022·Twitter Web App
March 3, 2022

Ex-Fox News Producer Charged With Working for Russian Oligarch

Jack Hanick, a onetime producer at Fox News, has been indicted on charges of working for a sanctioned Russian oligarch to establish TV networks in Russia and in other European countries.

Hanick, 71, is accused of working for Konstantin Malofeyev, who since 2014 has been under U.S. sanctions that were imposed in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it had unsealed an indictment charging Hanick with violating the sanctions and with lying to the FBI.

Hanick worked at Fox News from its founding, in 1996, through August 2011, according to his LinkedIn page. The indictment alleges that he went to work for Malofeyev in 2013, and continued to work for him until 2017.

The Treasury Department added Malofeyev to its sanctions list in December 2014, finding that he had been a key source of funding for Russian separatists in Crimea and in Donetsk, a territory of Ukraine. According to the indictment, Hanick continued to work for Malofeyev to launch a cable news network in Russia, Tsargrad TV, which went on the air in April 2015. The network was blocked by YouTube in July 2020.

Hanick was listed as “board chairman” and “general producer” of the network, reporting directly to Malofeyev, according to the indictment. Hanick is also accused of working on Malofeyev’s behalf to establish networks in Greece and Bulgaria, once writing to Malofeyev that the Greek network would grant an “opportunity to detail Russia’s point of view on Greek TV.”


March 3, 2022

GOP Lawmaker Rants About Jewish Women's Sex Lives

Kentucky Rep. Danny Bentley made comments about Jewish women and the Holocaust during a debate Wednesday over anti-abortion legislation, quickly drawing condemnation from several members of the Jewish community who raised serious concerns with what he said.

Bentley, a Republican and pharmacist from Russell, later apologized for his comments Wednesday night, saying he "meant absolutely no harm."

As state representatives debated an omnibus anti-abortion bill Wednesday afternoon, Bentley spoke about the medication abortions the legislation would restrict and invoked Jews and the Holocaust as he made claims about the origins of one such medication, which members of the Jewish community quickly denounced as both false and antisemitic.

Bentley falsely said RU-486, or Mifepristone, one of two pills taken to induce abortion, was developed during World War II and was called Zyklon B, the gas that killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

He added that “the person who developed (it) was a Jew.”

Referring to an earlier floor amendment that attempted to allow Jewish women to be exempt from the abortion restrictions in the bill — with the Democrat who filed it, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian of Louisville, saying the faith does not believe life begins at conception — Bentley then opined on his perception of the sexual habits of Jewish women, “since we brought up the Hebrew family today.”

“Did you know that a Jewish woman has less cancer of the cervix than any other race in this country or this world?” Bentley asked. “And why is that? Because the Jewish women only have one sex partner… They don't have multiple sex partners. To say that the Jewish people approve of this drug now is wrong.”


March 3, 2022

RT America ceases productions and lays off most of its staff

New York (CNN Business)RT America will cease productions and lay off most of its staff, according to a memo from T&R Productions, the production company behind the Russian state-funded network, which CNN obtained.

Misha Solodovnikov, the general manager of T&R Productions, told staff in the memo that it will be "ceasing production" at all of its locations "as a result of unforeseen business interruption events."

"Unfortunately, we anticipate this layoff will be permanent, meaning that this will result in the permanent separation from employment of most T&R employees at all locations," Solodovnikov wrote.

T&R Productions operated offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.


March 3, 2022

Russian, Belarusian athletes banned from Winter Paralympic Games

In a stunning reversal, Russian and Belarusian athletes have been banned from the Winter Paralympic Games for their countries’ roles in the war in Ukraine, the International Paralympic Committee said Thursday in Beijing.

The about-face comes less than 24 hours after the IPC on Wednesday announced it would allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete when the Games open on Friday, but only as neutral athletes with colors, flags and other national symbols removed.

The IPC received immediate criticism for its initial decision. It was termed a betrayal that sent the wrong message to Russia’s leadership. The IPC also said it was evident that many athletes would refuse to compete against Russians or Belarusians, creating chaos for the Paralympics and damaging the reputation.

IPC President Andrew Parsons, in announcing the initial measures Wednesday in a Beijing news conference, sympathized openly with the Ukrainian people but said his actions were constrained by his organization’s rules and the fear of legal action.


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