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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Switzerland
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 13,926

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For those who are truly interested in Hillary's campaign -

and I know that those who are members of this group are - I have posted an OP in General Discussion - 2016 with a lot more detail. http://www.democraticunderground.com/12512439084

Please go over and give it some love!

For those who are truly interested in Hillary's campaign

and seeing what is actually happening, without the filter of the M$M anti-Hillary bias, I suggest that you sign up for The Briefing.


If that link doesn't work, go to Hillary's site (https://www.hillaryclinton.com/), which is certainly worth a visit in itself. It changes quite often and is much more informative than the M$M, certainly more factually correct. At least at the moment, there is a link for The Briefing at the bottom of the site.

As a proud Hillary supporter, I regularly receive The Dispatch, Hillary's weekly newsletter. Today's message lists the following ways to stay connected:

How to stay connected

The campaign is hiring – A list of open roles is available here.
Hillary on the issues – Learn more about Hillary's vision for America and key policies she will fight for as president
The Briefing – Get the facts and stay informed on Hillary's record by signing up for The Briefing
The Feed – Visit Hillary's official campaign blog, featuring photos, video and the latest from the campaign trail
YouTube Channel
Follow Hillary on Twitter
Hillary on Instagram
Make a purchase at The Shop – Show your support!
Join Hillary's network of raisers by becoming a Hillstarter!

Each of those suggestions has a link. I have posted some, but in case the links don't work, please check out Hill's site for yourselves. Rather than hand-wringing on the internet, there are things that HRC supporters can do in real life that will help her win. Of course, the most important thing that you can do is to VOTE for Hillary. But put some positive energy into yourself by being part of her campaign in even the smallest way.

It will not only make you feel better, it will make you a part of electing the First Woman President.

Even from Switzerland, I have been participating as a member of American Democrats Abroad - Switzerland (ADACH): contributing, phone-banking, registering US citizens who live abroad to vote, etc.. I have even paid for local radio ads (not too expensive CHF 20 per 2 min slot) on English-language World Radio Switzerland (https://www.worldradio.ch/). There are LOTS of US citizens who live abroad who are literally horrified by the thought of Trump. If nothing else, the radio ads demonstrate to English-speakers who are NOT US citizens that not all US citizens are insane and that many more of us enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton than the M$M would have you believe.

‘West Wing’ Cast Reunites To Campaign For Hillary Clinton In Ohio


Several stars of the hit TV show will hit the ground running with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton this weekend, traveling to multiple campaign stops in the Buckeye State.

Members of the “West Wing” cast, including Allison Janney (C.J. Cregg), Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman), Richard Schiff (Toby Ziegler), Dulé Hill (Charlie Young), Mary McCormack (Kate Harper) and Joshua Malina (Will Bailey) will join forces at six different locations on Saturday and Sunday.

The actors will encourage Ohio residents in Mahoning Valley, Sandusky, Toledo, Cleveland, Dayton and Columbus to register to vote in the battleground state.

Martin Sheen, who played President Josiah Bartlet, won’t be there, but he’s already endorsed Clinton. And he’s dismissed her Republican rival Donald Trump as an “empty-headed moron.” The president has spoken.


Migration Is Our History, Reality, And Future


Op-ed from William Lacy Swing, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Migration is not a catastrophe, nor is it an invasion. Often, it is not even an emergency. Throughout human history it has mostly been, simply, one thing: inevitable. Migration is history’s oldest and most effective anti-poverty measure, a natural human response to challenges and a facilitator of greater opportunities.

At least 244 million people today live outside the borders of their homelands (UNDESA). People move to improve their lives, whether that means access to a better food supply, access to more sustainable employment, education opportunities or to save their own lives and the lives of their family.

Sadly, unprecedented levels of migration have led growing anti-migrant sentiment globally. Migrants embody the essence of multiculturalism, as they are the bridges between countries of origin, transit and destination. It is time that all actors—including States, civil society, the media, international organizations and the private sector, migrants and communities—effectively and factually communicate about migration.

Political leaders and the media have an important role to play in combatting xenophobic narratives on migration that leads to limited perceptions of migrants and to reshaping public discourse and political response. For example, note that the Secretary-General’s Report for the United Nations Summit on Refugees and Migrants, In Safety and Dignity: Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, does not speak about “illegal migration” but rather of “irregular migration”. These two terms are often conflated. Political leadership should be enhanced in order to combat the currently toxic migration discourse. The beauty of diversity should be embraced.

Yesterday, September 19, 2016, IOM officially become a member of the UN "family" of agencies. http://www.iom.int/news/summit-refugees-and-migrants-opens-iom-joins-united-nations

I had the privilege of working for IOM for six years full-time. I still perform occasional ST projects with the organization now that I am "officially" retired. It is an excellent agency.

Suburban Women May Be Hillary Clinton’s Lifeline

In battleground states, Democrat needs support of suburban, college-educated women to offset Trump’s appeal to working-class men


Well, they are hardly a "lifeline," IMO, because Hillary's substantive support is already based on a wonderful coalition that Trump can never equal. But I believe that this particular group is not being reflected in the polls as it should be. Much as I loathe ANY Bush, the fact that GHWB has indicated that he intends to vote for Hillary may be the final tipping point for those sane GOP women who have not already decided to vote for Hillary (or at least not vote at all) - no matter what they may say to anyone who asks.

Women in upscale suburban areas are the offset to the working-class white males who are streaming into the Trump camp elsewhere. In the August Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 42% of white men with less than a college education had a positive view of Mr. Trump. Just 28% of suburban women had a positive view.

That means Mrs. Clinton has to hope that women in Montgomery County and similar areas of eastern Pennsylvania swallow their misgivings about her and provide support that balances out the vote in Trump country in the traditional coal and steel communities in western Pennsylvania. There, the Trump populist message has great resonance among workers who feel left behind by the current economy as well as the political system.

This equation is repeated in a series of battleground states, where women in suburban areas are crucial to the outcome. The suburbs around Denver in Colorado, and those in northern Virginia outside Washington, D.C., could be decisive in those two states, and in both cases the votes of suburban women are crucial to the Clinton effort. The same is true in Ohio and North Carolina, and, to some extent, in Florida.

Suburban women “have in the past voted consistently Republican, and this year they are leaning heavily toward Hillary Clinton” says GOP pollster Whit Ayres, who works with Sen. Marco Rubio. Says one Trump adviser flatly: “Suburban women will decide this election."

Hillary Clinton has a massive fundraising advantage. She's using it to leave no vote to chance.


Hillary Clinton is using her fundraising dominance to unleash all manner of modern voter tools that Donald Trump’s organization is too cash-poor, disorganized or uninterested in to use — but are they worth the massive price tag?

The question will be argued until election day, and probably for years after. But one thing clear right now is the Clinton campaign is leaving nothing to chance. Launching apps that track the movements of paid canvassers and organizing poetry slams to build camaraderie in field offices, the Clinton operation is in the final frenzy of assembling some of the most sophisticated campaign infrastructure ever.

It is building on the hallowed playbook written by President Obama’s campaign teams, implementing technological advancements that enable field organizers to find, track and prod potential voters with even more precision and efficiency.

Clinton’s approach is a stark contrast from Trump’s. He left field organizing in the hands of a Republican National Committee that must incorporate Trump into its broader effort on behalf of down-ballot candidates often at odds with the nominee.

More good stuff at the link.

Where Hillary Clinton stands on education


This article provides a good checklist for Hillary's education proposals. They can be found in more detail on her campaign site (https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/), of course. But I am very happy that the M$M finally seems to be giving her some decent coverage.

By the end of 2016, student loan debt will have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. In fact, estimates report that approximately 43 million students in the United States will owe nearly $1.3 trillion. That means the average class of 2016 graduate has nearly $38,000 in debt--a six percent increase from last year.

Hillary Clinton, a longtime education advocate Hillary Clinton emphasizes education policy in her presidential agenda--pushing for early as well as higher education reform.

“The public school system has been, I believe, second to the Constitution, the most important institution in making America the great country that we have been over the last 200 plus years,” Clinton said in 2015.

Her original plan cost $350 billion over a decade, but she expanded the college affordability portion of the plan significantly in July. There has not been an updated cost estimate. The plan would be paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthy.

Here are the key components to Clinton’s educational policy:

More at the link.

Hillary Clinton Writes Open Letter to Wells Fargo Customers


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released an open letter on Tuesday to Wells Fargo customers who were the victims of "widespread illegal practices," saying she was "deeply disturbed" by revelations earlier this month that bank employees created sham accounts for personal gain.

"Our economy depends on a strong and safe banking system to help keep it moving. But even after Americans spent years working hard to recover from the Great Recession, the culture of misconduct and recklessness that preceded that crisis too often persists," Clinton wrote in the letter.

In the letter, Clinton also lays out her plan for addressing this type of misconduct. Specifically, she wrote that she would defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and "enhance accountability" on Wall Street.

"Executives should be held individually accountable when rampant illegal activity happens on their watch," she argued. "Their compensation should take a hit if their companies pay major fines. And they must face appropriate legal consequences if they break the law."

Hillary Clinton Now Gives Press Conferences While Donald Trump Avoids Them


The piece couldn't resist a few digs, but is mostly positive!

In the past two weeks, Clinton has taken informal and formal questions from traveling reporters on at least eight occasions, while Trump has not taken questions at a formal press conference for more than 50 days.

Clinton welcomed reporters onto her plane on Labor Day, got chummy with the press photographers, spoke with reporters after recovering from pneumonia and most recently took questions twice in the two days after the bombing in New York City that injured 29 people.

She has answered questions on a wide range of topics from handling ISIS, the structure of her family foundation, cybersecurity and about a television series she is watching, The Good Wife. At her recent appearances, she always appeared with a minder, the besuited press secretary Nick Merrill, and sometimes unexpectedly in the aisle at the back of her plane. She has taken a total of 63 questions, according to a tally provided by her campaign.

Trump, meanwhile, spoke briefly with a handful of reporters on Labor Day Monday and took a few questions. But his more controlled campaign since the installation of image maven Kellyanne Conway has meant Trump sticks much closer to the script.



Note to Mods & those who don't like all caps. This was a copy-and-paste and that's what I got.

This is also a great read.

We hear a lot of things about the millennial generation. But too often, the people who are busy trying to define you are the ones who have spent the least time listening to you.

Here's what I have learned: Your generation is the most open, diverse and entrepreneurial generation in our country's history. And if we work together to take on the barriers that are holding you back and unleash your full potential, that won't just improve your lives — it'll make our entire country stronger.

From the first days of this campaign, you have shared the problems that keep you up at night and the hopes that get you up in the morning. You've reached for the opportunities that come with a college education at the highest rates of any generation in history — but faced ballooning tuition costs and crushing student debt like never before. Many of you entered the workforce during the worst recession since the Great Depression. And you've come of age during two deadly, costly wars in the Middle East.

And yet, despite all these challenges, you've never given up. Not even close.

Much more at the link.
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